May 10, 2016 Patch

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May2016 00.png

[Event Period : May 10 ~ June 7, 2016]

Return of Lucemon

Lucemon (Satan Mode) is back again! It has returned and brought Santa’s Gift Box. Why Santa in May? Is it confused with the calendar? Do you really think you can get the Gift Box from him?

May2016 01.png

  • For a field among all fields of Digimon Masters Online, Lucemon: Satan mode will appear randomly in an interval of 40 minutes.
  • The Lucemon Gift Box will be removed automatically after the event is over.
  • The items obtained from Lucemon Gift Box will not be removed.

KaiserLeomon and Mercuremon are in!

As in Digimon the animation, Leomon has made sacrifices for justice through the series (applaud for Leomon!) This time, however, it returns as one of the strongest Spirit Digimon, KaiserLeomon! Let’s see if it can save the Digital World. Another news here: Mercuremon, who was Marcus’ one of the toughest opponents, has come!
Well, it is a coincidence that both of Spirit Digimons wanted to settle an old score with Dr. Kurata! Doc probably can’t get a deep nap now!
You could achieve the titles of:

  1. ‘Spirit of Darkness! KaiserLeomon’, when you obtain KaiserLeomon
    • Achievement effect : +5% Skill damage increase when using the darkness attribute skills
  2. ‘Spirit of Steel! Mercuremon’. when you obtain Mercuremon’.
    • Achievement effect : +5% Skill damage increase when using the steel attribute skills

Never met GM? What a shame!

Have you ever met GMs? Sometimes they hang around in the game, and some of you have already seen them.
Now the GMs prepared a special space and they will invite you! If you have never seen them, this will be the perfect chance! No one knows who to be invited, still you have a chance!

Here comes Examon!

A member of the Royal Knights, Examon. Do you know the origin of the word ‘Exa’?
Exa means ‘quintillion’ = 1000000000000000000 (18 zeros!) and Examon has the data of Exa. Big number, isn’t it? Your hard disk cannot save Examon’s data for sure. And it must be cooooooooooooooooool (with 18 o s!) if you ride on Examon!

  • Examon Riding mode is available after using Proof of Dragon Emperor.
  • “Proof of Dragon Emperor" is available in Cash Shop.

Invite friends event! Let’ play Digimon Masters Online with friends!​

[Event period : Apr 26 ~ May 24, 2016]

  1. Event summary : Both new & existing tamer obtain rewards when new tamer reaches certain level after recommend existing tamer.
  2. How to join this event :
    • Click “Friend Recommend” icon on Bottom right side
    • During event period, “Friend Recommend” window shows up when tamer level is lower than 6. (Can’t proceed “Friend Recommend ” when tamer level is higher than 5)
    • When someone accepts new tamer’s recommend, event window is created, and event reward provided depends on new tamer’s level.
    • The new tamer also get “Friend Recommend” from another new tamer when reached level 20.
  3. Event reward
April2016 04.png
  • Tamer which is higher than level 20 only accepts “Friend Recommend”
  • Existing tamer can accept “Friend Recommend” maximum 3 times.
  • Tamer can’t accept “Friend Recommend” while in a battle, away from keyboard or when moving to another map.
  • <Change tamer name> item cannot be used for tamer who accepts. (Item will still be available after the event finished)

Come back to Digital World! Return of Tamers event

For the Tamers who have been away for 3+ months and back again, a comeback gift will be sent. This event will go on until you come back to DMO! Dive into Digital World! Right Now!

  • The gift will be automatically sent into the Cash Warehouse, when you log into the game.
  • The period of ‘3 months’ is as of 10th, May. For example, if you have not logged in since 10th, Feb or earlier, then you are eligible to receive the gift.

Content of Welcome Back Box:

May2016 02.png

  • The gift can be received per account only.
  • All in-game items in the Box are character-bound, not to be traded.
  • The gift could be changed due to service schedule & circumstance.

Welcome to Digital World

Complete Tutorial and Get Rewards

May2016 03.png

Welcome to Digital World

Welcome Tamers! You level up and get rewards to boost leveling again!

April2016 07.png

  • The Gift Box will be sent to your Gift & Reward item storage, once your Tamer has reached certain level.
  • The in-game items cannot be traded and/or exchanged.
  • Each Gift Box can be received per account only.
  • Only a new Tamer can receive the Gift Box.

May, Stay, Play

Again, you got a chance to get nice rewards. Plus you will receive the extra weekend rewards, if you log in and stay for 3 hours. But, please, don’t just log out after the 3 hours ;)

May2016 04.png

No Gold? Yes Gold!

Have you suffered from ‘poverty’? Don’t worry, you will have x2 Gold Event now.
Say bye to poor yesterday, say hi to rich today: buy what you really wanted!
The amount of Gold received in the game increases at 200%.

  • x2 Gold is available during the event.

HOT Server, never COOL down!

The Exp burning continues in May: Special 500% Exp burning on Memorial Day! Get the chance of Power leveling, save your time, and be a family man!

  • Weekdays (Mon to Fri): Exp 200%
  • Weekend (Sat and Sun): Exp 300%
  • Memorial Day (30 May): Exp 500%