Marine Dragon Domain

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Taichi Icon.png Taichi <Forest of the Beginning>
Joe Icon.png Joe
Izzy Icon.png Izzy
Hikari Icon.png Hikari
Matt Icon.png Matt
T.K Icon.png T.K
Sora Icon.png Sora
Mimi Icon.png Mimi
Gatomon Icon.png Gatomon
Gabumon Icon.png Gabumon
Gomamon Icon.png Gomamon
Tentomon Icon.png Tentomon
Patamon Icon.png Patamon
Biyomon Icon.png Biyomon
Palmon Icon.png Palmon


  • Talk to NPC Taichi in Forest of the Beginning to receive Quest (Daily) that obtain 2 Marine Dragon Domain Entry.png Marine Dragon Domain Entry.
  • Marine Dragon Domain Entry.png Marine Dragon Domain Entry is required to enter the dungeon.
  • Marine Dragon Domain (Dungeon) can be entered through NPC Taichi.


Tidal Wave of Darkness.png Domains of MetalSeadramon
Type: Debuff
Debuff Effects:

  1. The effect is permanently applied
  2. Receiving 150 damage every 10 seconds
  3. Partner Digimon's Movement Speed is decreased by 10%

Wild Digimon

Metal Seadramon
Metal Seadramon Search Icon.png Aggressive monsters attack you first. Data: Strong against Vaccine - weak against Virus Water: is strong against Fire (× 25) - weak against Ice (× -25) - somewhat strong against Water (× 10) HP: 61,866,000 Level(s): 123
  • Skill 1 = 16,990 damage, Skill 2 = 21,238 damage, Skill 3 = 35,838 damage, Skill 4 = 11,946 damage
  • Minimum Hit Rate = 5000, Minimum Critical Hit Rate = 260%

Drops from Raid Boss

1x Aura of Fear MetalSeadramon.png Aura of Cruelty MetalSeadramon / Any rank and it is not necessary to attack the boss to receive a reward

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