March 27, 2018 Patch

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Digimon Arena Season 2

Ranking System and Difficulty Level are updated on Digimon Arena's 2nd Season.

◆ Difficulty Level Update

- Digimon Arena Common Mode battle increased to level 30.

- The max HP of opponents of level 12 ~ 20 have been decreased.

- The opponents from level 21 to 30 will gradually be stronger.

- Battle Point obtained from level 21 to 30 will gradually be increased.

◆ Hero Mode Update and Improvements

- Hero Mode has been added to Digimon Arena.

- You can start Hero Mode through Mary located in upper-left corner of Colosseum Stadium.

- Hero Mode has much higher difficulty than Common Mode, and you can obtain more Battle Points.

- Once you start the battle, you cannot change Common Mode or Hero Mode to another.

- As Hero Mode has been updated, party admission in Digimon Arena is enabled.

- Only party leader is able to start or finish the battle in Digimon Arena.

◆ Ranking System

- Ranking System has been updated in Digimon Arena.

- As the Ranking System is applied, the Weekly Ranking / Monthly Ranking / Seasonal Ranking and Hall of Fame is activated.

- When you invest the Battle Points, you can obtain daily reward and will be registered in Weekly Ranking / Monthly Ranking / Seasonal Ranking.

- The ranks will be refreshed periodically and you can check rank, guild, tamer name, changes, current rank reward.

- When there are tamers with same amount of Battle Points, the first one to invest the Points will be in the lead of rank.

- When the Ranking is refreshed, you can also check last week, last month, and last season's ranking.

1) Weekly Ranking

- You can receive [Weekly] Arena Vouchers regarding to your rank of Weekly Ranking. Arena Vouchers can be exchanged to reward items through Digitamamon in DATS Center.

- Weekly Ranking expires every Monday, and will be refreshed at 14:00 of every Tuesday.

[Weekly Arena Voucher List]

  • Weekly Ranking 1st Rank / [Weekly] Arena Voucher 100ea
  • Weekly Ranking 2nd Rank / [Weekly] Arena Voucher 90ea
  • Weekly Ranking 3rd Rank / [Weekly] Arena Voucher 85ea
  • Weekly Ranking 4th ~ 5th Rank / [Weekly] Arena Voucher 80ea
  • Weekly Ranking 6th ~ 10th Rank / [Weekly] Arena Voucher 75ea
  • Weekly Ranking 11th ~ 10% Rank / [Weekly] Arena Voucher 50ea
  • Weekly Ranking 10% ~ 20% Rank / [Weekly] Arena Voucher 40ea
  • Weekly Ranking 20% ~ 30% Rank / [Weekly] Arena Voucher 30ea
  • Weekly Ranking 30% ~ 40% Rank / [Weekly] Arena Voucher 15ea
  • Weekly Ranking 40% ~ 50% Rank / [Weekly] Arena Voucher 10ea
  • Weekly Ranking 50% ~ 60% Rank / [Weekly] Arena Voucher 7ea
  • Weekly Ranking 60% ~ 70% Rank / [Weekly] Arena Voucher 5ea
  • Weekly Ranking 70% ~ 80% Rank / [Weekly] Arena Voucher 3ea
  • Weekly Ranking 80% ~ 90% Rank / [Weekly] Arena Voucher 2ea
  • Weekly Ranking 90% ~ 100% / [Weekly] Arena Voucher 1ea

2) Monthly Ranking

- You can receive [Monthly] Arena Vouchers regarding to your rank of Monthly Ranking. Arena Vouchers can be exchanged to reward items through Digitamamon in DATS Center.

- Monthly Ranking expires at every last day of month, and will be refreshed at 14:00 of every first day of month.

3) Season Ranking

- You can receive [Seasonal] Arena Vouchers regarding to your rank of Seasonal Ranking. Arena Vouchers can be exchanged to reward items through Digitamamon in DATS Center.

- Seasonal Ranking expires at every last day of Season, and will be refreshed at 14:00 of day next month.

4) Hall of Fame

- Top rank tamers at every end of Season will be recorded in Hall of Fame.

- The tamer name and guild name recorded in Hall of Fame will not be changed.

- The top rank tamers in Hall of Fame will have their duplicate image on the podium in DATS Center until the beginning of next Season.

※ Starting and ending of each Ranking can be changed regarding to the service conditions.

※ Basically, the rewards of Digimon Arena are character bound, but there are exceptions for some of the quantity.

Check your Attendance Here! Let's Not Miss a Day!

- Gather all the rewards by logging-in Digimon Masters Online everyday.

- Period: Unlimited

[About the Attendance Check]

  • You can check the rewards of attendance check event from the "Event Contents UI" window everyday.
  • Don't forget to log-in every 28 days to claim the final attendance reward.
  • When the event cycle (28 days) is over, attendance check record will be initialized and you'll restart from the first.
  • Reward items can be received from your Cash Warehouse.
  • The rewards are character bound.

[Attendance Check Rewards]

New attendance.PNG

Log-in event! Play the game and claim rewards everyday!

Period: After maintenance of 27th Mar 2018 ~ before maintenance of 10th Apr 2018

- Rewards will be given every 30 minutes, 4 times a day when you're online.

- Rewards can be claimed from Gift & Reward Item Storage. Please claim the rewards before 7 days, or they'll be expired.

- Weekday Rewards

  1. Online time 30 minutes: Gold Banana 5ea,
  2. Online time 60 minutes: Random DATA Box 2ea,
  3. Online time 90 minutes: Miracle Fruit 1ea,
  4. Online time 120 minutes: Log-in Reward Coin 1ea

- Weekend Bonus Rewards

  1. Online 180 minutes on Saturday: Amplification Booster +200% (1 Hour) 2ea
  2. Online 180 minutes on Sunday: Random DATA Box Mid Class 2ea


- All the rewards are untradable.

- Reward distribution time is reset every midnight (00:00) (GMT +9).

- Log-in Reward Coin can be exchanged for Mercenary DigiEgg through [Event] Yukidarumon.

Turn on the heat with burning EXP in Digimon Masters Online!

- Burning time will be applied 2 times a day to boost your EXP gaining!

- Period: Unlimited

(1) Burning Time: 500% additional EXP applied every 11:00~14:00 & 23:00 ~ 02:00 (GMT+09).

※The 500% EXP boost is a fixed value during the event time and it is not overlapped with the normal EXP boost.

Additional Patch Notes

  1. Reward Coin will be distributed to all tamers of entire servers as server maintenance compensation.
    • Leviamon ; Reward Coin x3
    • Lucemon ; Reward Coin x3
    • Lilithmon ; Reward Coin x3
    • Barbamon ; Reward Coin x3
    • Beelzemon ; Reward Coin x3
    • Seraphimon ; Reward Coin x3
    • Omegamon ; Reward Coin x3
  2. The problem that occurred disconnection problem when moving maps while riding Digimon, has been fixed
  3. From this update, items can only dropped by clicking mouse. Enter key will not work anymore.
  4. All stuffs related past event has been removed.