March 25th, 2014 Patch

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Syako full banner.jpg


~The new, Syakomon~

• Syakomon is released!

Do not miss the two-week's chance to meet Syakomon


• BlackSaintGalgomonand VictoryGreymon's biped riding mode!

Players can unlock BlackSaintGalgomon and VictoryGreymon's riding mode with 5 Mode Selector.


• New Avatars are released!

New avatars are available, grab them now and flaunt it inside the Digital world

• Seal system has been released!

A new system has been updated so find this new items in the cash shop

• Attendance and connection reward event

Just Stay Connected to Receive Treasures of Syakomon!



  • Go to Event NPC " Syakomon" at DatsCenter to use Coins.
• Onlooker Rabbit Hunt!

Catch the returned rabbit to see a Syakomon!

Onlooker Rabbit, when hunted, randomly drop Mysterious Gift Boxes. Use them to obtain random rewards.



  • Items gained from random boxes cannot be traded with the exception of Lv6 monster cards.
  • Lv6 monster cards can be traded.
• Overcome the SyakomonArmy with a new tamer!

To overcome the Syakomon Army, the Dart Center has prepared gift boxes for new tamers that have come to the Digital World and that reach a certain level.


  • Level-up gift box will be given to My Mail Box when you reach a certain level.


  • Relevant event item cannot be traded or exchanged.
  • Players can receive a gift box once per account.
  • New player who joined before March 25 can get the gift box after reaching the target level.
• Lucky Day Event

Players can get <Miracle Sapphire> item when you hunt monsters on any map during the event period!


• Easter EXP Event

Acquire 30% for movement speed on weekdays, 200% EXP on weekdays and 300% EXP on weekends during the event period.

• April Achievements Events

[Game Update]

• Syakomon Limited sale (3/25 ~ 4/8, 2weeks)
• New Riding mode items has been added
• New Avatars has been added
   Figure Skate Dress Yoshino, Mimi-Only
   Skating Suit Savers-Only
   Snowboard Suit Adventure-Only
• Seal Master has been added
• Item repurchasing system has been added
• Quick slot and Center bar has been added
• The cool time of time dimension bomb has been reduced (30min -> 15min)
• The required number of accelerator has been decreased from 15 to 10
• “Miracle Sapphire II [Tamer]” “Miracle Sapphire II [Digimon]” can be dropped by all field monsters (EXP 661,500 can be obtained)
• The Animation effect bug of the monsters where in Desert map has been fixed
• Gazimon Skill string error has been modified
• The Quest bug of “Find Homer Yushima” has been fixed
• Item compensation
   All tamers who did not receive their “ Call of DATs Center” event prize
   The players who exchanged “500 pcs white candy” to “Mystery Mercenary Digiegg”