March 24, 2015 Patch

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The appearance of Fairimon!

The Hybrid Digimon Fairimon, Ten Legendary Warriors with the power of wind, is included. Do not miss the 3-week opportunity to immediately summon Fairimon.



  • Event Period: March 24 ~ April 14

Fairimon Acquired Achievement

When you obtain Fairimon, you will have accomplished the "Fairimon Obtained!" achievement and you will obtain the title of "Spirit of Wind! Fairimon."


  • Achievement Buff Effect: Damage increased by 5% when using wind element skills

The Belphemon Rage Mode package is here!

Obtain Psychemon and the Alarm Clock, the Belphemon Rage Mode expansion items, during the 3-week limited sale.



  • Event Period: March 24 ~ April 14

Attendance and connection reward event

You will receive many gifts when you enter the game during the event period.

[Rewards Item]


[Reward Items you can receive with coins]



  • Event items cannot be traded.
  • You can exchange coins for items through Dats Center NPC Fairimon

To celebrate Easter, NO~ penalties!

Enjoy the battle without any fear of penalties! There are no battle penalties (Tamer EXP 3%, Digimon EXP 1%) even if you die during the event.

<Beverage> Vending Machine Discount Event

<Beverage> vending machine sells its items at half price from March 24 to April 28 before the server maintenance.

Catch the Onlooker Rabbit!

Catch the rabbits which came to see Fairimon! When you catch Onlooker Rabbit, Mystery Box will drop randomly and you can obtain random reward items by using the boxes.

[Obtainable items when scanning the 2015 Easter Gift Boxes]



  • Event items cannot be traded.

GM provides items to new Tamers.

You receive a Lv Up Gift Box when you create a new Tamer and reach a certain level.

[Obtainable objects when using the Lv Up Gift Boxes]



  • Level-up gift box will be given to Gift inventory when you reach a certain level.
  • Relevant event item cannot be traded or exchanged.
  • Players can receive a gift box once per account.
  • New player who joined before October 28 can get the gift box after reaching the target level.

2015 Easter EXP event

Acquire 30% for movement speed on weekdays, 200% EXP on weekdays and 300% EXP on weekends during the event period. Special Easter 500% EXP event: during 4/4 00:00 JST ~ 4/5 23:59 JST

April Achievement event