March 22nd, 2016 Patch

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March2016 00.png

  • [Event Period : Mar 22 ~ Apr 26, 2016]

1st story for the Four holy beasts. Scar of water crystal is updated.

Xuanwumon which was dreaming a coexistence with real world trembles with rage. Tamers will hurry to go Scar of water crystal to persuade Xuanwumon by righteous battle. Please join this battle to protect real world.

How to enter the dungeon

March2016 01.png March2016 02.png

  1. Tamers can enter by NPC Guilmon.
  2. Tamers must have a Scar of water crystal pass card to enter
  3. Renamon next to Guilmon will give 2 Scar of water crystal pass card per day.
  4. Tamers who want to enter more than 2 times must gather 100 Essence of scar(s) which is dropped from to exchange with Renamon.
  • Tamers can get Essence of scar(s) in Digital world Ice Area except for Diablomon in Infinite Ice wall.


  1. Tamers can receive "[Achievement] Complete Scar of water crystal" quest by NPC Lopmon in D-Terminal.
  2. Achievement will be completed when tamers defeat 3 enemy boss.
  3. Tamers will get "Master of water crystal" title with the completed achievement.
  4. "Master of water crystal" title has the following buff effect: Skill damage +12%, Attack +100
  • All party members can join the battle in same place.
  • Party members can’t exceed by 4 tamers for Scar of water crystal (Maximum party members)
  • Some of tamer skills include Bash can’t be allowed to use in Scar of water crystal.

Reward Details

March2016 03.png

  • Xuanwumon riding mode can be released by Xuanwumon saddle.
  • Tamers obtain more 5 times chance for Renewal Increase with Amazing Renewal Increase Stone.
  • Digitary Power is increased by 10% with Amazing Digitary Power Stone.
  • Tamers obtain an accessory such as existing accessory which has 4 options after unsealed “Sealed Xuanwumon ring & necklace”. (Not tradeable with its unsealing)
  • Tamers obtain an accessory which has maximum numbers for the 4 options from “Sealed Xuanwumon’s shiny ring & necklace”. (Not tradeable with its unsealing)
  • Xuanwumon ring & necklace have options/numbers as same as Shiny High-powered Quad-core accessory.
  • Crystal EXP booster can be duplicated with another EXP booster.

New spirit ‘Calamaramon’! Evolve into Spirit beast mode of water!

One of the legendary warriors, and hybrid form which has the power of water! Calamaramon is added.


March2016 04.png

  1. Calamaramon achievement
    • If tamers obtain Calamaramon, 'Obtain Calamaramon!' achievement is completed and able to get ‘Spirit of water! Calamaramon’ title.
    • Achievement buff effect : Damage for skill of water attribute increased by 5%
  2. How to obtain [Calamaramon]
    • Required item : Spirit of Water B x1
    • Tamers will get ‘Calamaramon summon card’ when defeat enemy Digimon which has water attribute in Digital world.
    • Calamaramon as an enemy appears when tamers use 'Calamaramon summon card'. And ‘Spirit of water B’ is dropped after defeat summoned Calamaramon.
  3. [Spirit of shining water B]
    • If tamers give Lv99 Calamaramon & some cost to Bokomon, Bokomon will exchange them to ‘Spirit of shining water B for the tamers
    • 'Sort of spirit of shining’ item is necessary for spirit evolution of highclass that will be updated with future patch.
  • Please Note! The Digimon which is used for the exchange with Spirit of shining can’t be retrieve.

Xuanwumon riding mode, Xuanwumon saddle update!

  1. Tamers need Xuanwumon saddle to open Xuanwumon riding mode.
  2. Xuanwumon saddle is in Water crystal chest which tamers can obtain after complete Xuanwumon dungeon.
  3. Tamers can obtain Xuanwumon saddle with some chance.
  4. Xuanwumon riding mode has fastest speed compare to another riding mode. They are waiting for your challenge!

Catch NPC Antylamon!

Defeat Antylamon(s) which has came to see “Shakomon”!! Tamer can obtain Mystery gift chest with certain chance when defeat Antylamon(s), and it gives a random item of below list.

March2016 05.png

  • Items from Mystery gift chest are not tradable except for Lv6 Monster card.

Xuanwumon dungeon update celebration event

Attendance and Connection Reward Event
Tamers can obtain below reward depending on how long is connected with Digimon Masters Online. Please check below and enjoy our New episode dungeon.

March2016 06.png

  • Visit event NPC “MudFrigimon” in Dats center to use Coin.

Overwhelm “Xuanwumon” army with New Tamers!

Dats center prepares LVup gift chest for new tamers. It will be enough to fight with “Xuanwumon” army. Reach indicated level to obtain rewards!

March2016 07.png

  • Level up gift chest is provided into Gift & Reward item storage as soon as tamers reach the indicated level.
  • Event item is not tradable.
  • Gift chest is provided only once for each account.
  • Registered users before Mar 23, 2016 can not obtain Gift chest when reaches the indicated level.

Level your tamers up with Burning Server

This 4 weeks never come again!! Tamers who exhausted by level up, increase your level with burning server!

  • Date for burning server: Mar 22(Tue) after maintenance ~ Apr 26(Tue) before maintenance
  • Weekday : 200% Additional EXP
  • Weekend(Sat, Sun) : 300% Additional EXP
  • Easter (Mar 27) : 500% Additional EXP
  • Additional EXPs are applied automatically for all servers while event period.