March 12, 2013 Patch

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More Powerful Agumon Appears, Mar. 12th, 2013

General Info

"More Powerful Agumon Appears" was the patch introduced on March 12th, 2013 and runs until April 9th, 2013.

It removed the Valentine's Day Event update, and introduced new Digimon, new items, new quests and new events.

Newly Added

Mercenary Digimon

BlackAgumon Icon.png BlackAgumon
BlackGreymon Icon.png BlackGreymon
MetalGreymon (Virus) Icon.png MetalGreymon (Virus)
BlackWarGreymon Icon.png BlackWarGreymon


Black Coin.png Black Coin Blackmon Event


BlackAgumon Icon.png DATS Center Agumon (Black) (NPC)

Quests and Events

Agumon (Black)'s Treat! 30% Discount on Dragon Mercenary DigiEggs

To celebrate the release of Agumon (Black), Dragon Mercenary DigiEgg are 30% off!
  • Only the DigiEggs with the Event Tags can be purchased at the discount price
  • Agumon (Black) is not included in this event.

The Gift From An Agumon (Black)

Just Stay Connected to Receive Loads of Gifts!
Item Obtained after
Black Coin.png Black Coin × 1 30 minutes
Miracle Fruit.png Miracle Fruit × 1 1 hour
Piece of Backup Disk.png Piece of Backup Disk × 1 1 hour
DigiAura.png DigiAura (3 hours) × 1 3 hours

Items Available For Black Coin Exchange

Black Coins Item Name
25 Ornis Wing
25 Shadow Wing
25 BlackMega Wing
25 Grani
25 Holy Wing
25 Angel's Ring
Go to the event NPC (Agumon (Black) (NPC)) at DATS Center to exchange Black Coins.

The Super Easter Event For The "Special" Digimon Masters!

We will give you special presents in time for Easter between March 29 and March 31.
March 29 March 30 March 31
Evoluter.png Evoluter × 3 Digimon Archive Expansion.png Digimon Archive Expansion × 1 Mystery Reinforced Mercenary DigiEgg.png Mystery Reinforced Mercenary DigiEgg × 1
Items are given to players automatically when the player is logged in for 4 hours.
You can obtain the Mystery Reinforced Mercenary DigiEggs (Easter) 4 or 5 level single Digimon at random among the Kamemon, PawnChessmon (Black), Gizumon AT.

You'll Get To Determine The Agumon (Black)'s Battle Ranking!

Where would the Agumon (Black) rank among the strong Digimons in Digital World?
Let us know where the Agumon (Black) would rank and tell us why. Participants will be selected to receive great gifts.

Winner Item

Item Name
Digimon Archive Expansion.png Digimon Archive Expansion (20 players per server, 80 players in total)
The postings are only acknowledged as event participation when registered as a reply to the "My Agumon(Black)'s Battle Ranking" notice on the Digimon Masters forum section event board by Joymax.

Onlooker Rabbit Hunt!

Catch the returned rabbit to see an Agumon (Black)! Antylamon (Deva) (Enemy), when hunted, randomly drop Mysterious Gift Boxes. Use them to obtain random rewards.

Items Gained From Scanning Boxes:
Item Name Effects
Monster Card Lv5.png Monster Card Lv5 × 1 Produces a random monster when used
Hatching Backup Disk.png Hatching Backup Disk × 1 Penalty prevention upon a failed Digimon hatching attempt
DigiAura.png DigiAura (1 day) × 1 Reduces DS cost for Digimon evolution and upkeep
DigiAura.png DigiAura (7 days) × 1 Reduces DS cost for Digimon evolution and upkeep
Digimon Archive Expansion.png Digimon Archive Expansion × 1 Digimon Archive Expansion
  • Items gained from random boxes cannot be traded with the exception of Monster Card Lv5.

EXP Event Continues!

Acquire 30% for movement speed on weekdays, 100% EXP on weekdays and 200% EXP on weekends during the event period.

Patch Notes

Hello. This is Digimon Masters.

In order to maintain a pleasant gaming and smooth patching experience, all servers will be undergoing weekly server inspection.

Weekly server inspection takes place every Tuesday.

Inspection Period: March 12, 2013. 13:00~17:00 Joymax Standard Time (4 hours duration)

[Game Update]

• Black Agumon Event will begin (March 12 to April 9, 2013 , 4weeks

Agumon(Black)’s treat! 30% Discount on Dragon Mercenary Digiegg
The Gift from an Agumon(Black)
You will get to determine the Agumon(Black)’s battle
Onlooker Rabbit Hunt!
EXP Event Continues!

• Achievements Events on March will begin (March 12 to April 9, 2013 , 4weeks)

• BlackAgumon Mercenary DigiEgg will be added in the cash shop

• Field drop from Arkadimon will be added

• Attribute Point & Attribute Crystal Data System will be improved

[Web Update]

• Valentine's Day Event page and banner will be deleted
• Black Agumon Event page and banner will be added
• Notice function on Aeria Launcher will be added
• Ranking page of Black Agumon will be added
• New Cash item will be added on item mall (BlackAgumon Mercenary DigiEgg)