Majiramon (Raid)

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Majiramon (Raid)
Majiramon (Raid).png
Form: Ultimate
Attribute: Data: strong against Vaccine - weak against Virus Data
Elemental Attribute: Light: is strong against Pitch Black (× 25) - weak against Steel (× -25) - somewhat strong against Light (× 10) Light
Attacker Type: Quick Attacker
Type: Holy Dragon Digimon
Families: Dragon's Roar Icon.png Dragon's Roar
Wind Guardians Icon.png Wind Guardians
Location: Descending Thunder God (Instance Dungeon)

Majiramon is a Holy Dragon Digimon. It is the "Dragon" Deva, and serves the Digimon Sovereign Azulongmon. As a follower of Azulongmon, it is extremely calculating and hates to even lift a finger if it won't benefit itself. However, if it realizes that something will benefit itself, it will want to poke its head in no matter what the thing is. It has a habit of putting a price on everything, and expressing various matters by their cost in money. During battle, it shoots through the opponent with the "Bǎo Shǐ" (宝矢? lit. "Treasure Arrow"), which are the hairs of its tail and whiskers transformed.



  • This raid has about 16 200 000 HP.
  • This boss has a defense buff which reduce the damage from your Vaccine Digimon by 50%
  • This raid will keep rotating between his 3 main skills until he dies:
  • The first skill deals 4,000 damage. This is not AoE skill so it only hits the targeted person.
  • At 90%, Majiramon will start using the second skill. This one deals 8,000 damage and a debuff which reduces your HP by 1,500 every 4 seconds. Fortunately, the skill has long animation time before it hits, and you can avoid the damage by simply running far away from the boss. It should be noted, however, that sometimes you will not see the animation due to bug in the game.
  • At 75%, the boss starts using his third skill. Several targets circle will appear, and everyone inside those circle will receive 12,000 damage, but it is possible to avoid the damage by running out of the circle.
  • Once his HP drops below 10%, the normal attack will become a lot stronger. Do keep in mind that, unlike the bosses at Trace of Black Steel, Majiramon here will NOT stop using his skills at this stage.

Chest of Trace (Exterior zone) icon.png Thunder God's Box (Majiramon)

8x Evoluter.png Evoluter
10x Fruit of the Goddess.png Fruit of the Goddess
12x Miracle Fruit.png Miracle Fruit
2x Attribute Booster.png Attribute EXP Booster +50% (15 Days)
10x PSilk Jump Booster.png Jump Booster [All Area]
4x Amazing Renewal Increase Stone.png Amazing Renewal Increase Stone (+5)
4x Amazing Digitary Power Stone.png Amazing Digitary Power Stone (+10%)
20x DigiSoul Food HP A.png DigiSoul Food HP: A (HP +5000)
20x DigiSoul Food DS A.png DigiSoul Food DS: A (DS +5000)
20x DigiSoul Food ALL A.png DigiSoul Food ALL: A (HP +3000 / DS +3000)
2x Grace of Challenge AT +50%.png Grace of Challenge [AT] +50% (2 Hours)
2x Grace of Challenge HP Max +50%.png Grace of Challenge [HP Max] +50% (2 Hours)
2x Grace of Challenge DS Max +50%.png Grace of Challenge [DS Max] +50% (2 Hours)
2x Grace of Challenge DE +50%.png Grace of Challenge [DE] +50% (2 Hours)
2x Grace of Challenge EXP +1000%.png Grace of Challenge [EXP] +1000% (2 Hours)
2x Grace of Challenge Skill Damage +100%.png Grace of Challenge [Skill Damage] +100% (1 Minute)
2x Grace of Challenge Critical Damage +100%.png Grace of Challenge [Critical Damage] +100% (1 Minute)
2x Grace of Challenge MS +35%.png Grace of Challenge [MS] +35% (1 Minute)
Chipset Upgrade Kit.png Chipset Upgrade Kit
Chipset Box.png Chipset Box [CT] R9
Chipset Box.png Chipset Box [AT] R9
Qinglongmon's Sealed Earring.png Qinglongmon's Sealed Earring