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World Map.png

Below are all the maps available in Digimon Masters. The game includes maps for both the Real and Digital World.

Real World Areas

World Map Yokohama Village.png


An institution that specializes in dealing with trouble caused by the interaction between humans and Digimon.

D-Terminal Dungeon

A restricted area where you need to have permission of Dats Center to enter.


The emergence of Digimon was frequently reported in the Yokohama region of Japan.


Odaiba region of Japan (Coming 2017!).

Digital World Areas

Digital World.png

Western Village

A Digimon rampage is the biggest threat to public safety.



Digimon Maze

Glacier Area

Unknown Land where everything is frozen.

File Island

File Island-World Map.png

Mystery Island consists of data.

Server Continent

Gigantic continent composed of vast server data.

Xros Wars Area

Code Crown is composed of Digital Data spread around the world.

Four Holy Beasts Dungeon

The site of rageful Four holy beasts for real world.