Keenan Crier Providing Information

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Main Quest

SuperStarmon in Snowman Village

Go ask Keenan Krier about these events. It is likely that Keenan Krier might know what they are, but don't forget to fight Digimon you encounter on the way.

Talk to Keenan Crier

8 WereGarurumon

5 WereGarurumon (Leader)

8 SuperStarmon

5 SuperStarmon (Leader)

Keenan Crier: So, a tamer called the Digimon Kaiser is behind all this Strange Activities... It's his fault that the Digimon are becoming this violent.... If I don't take action fast, the Digital World will fall under his power.

Hmm... Digimon Kaiser? I've never heard that name before. Well now that I know who's behind this, I have to capture that guy!

56238 EXP

4 Currency Mega.png 800 Currency Bit.png