June 14, 2016 Patch

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June2016 00.png

The 2nd Chapter of 4 Holy Beasts: Uprising Flame!

Zhuqiaomon, one of the Four Holy Beasts, the guardians of Digital World, has eventually shown up. Zhuqiaomon thinks that the human ruin the world and it got furious! Let’s see Zhuqiaomon and stop it.

June2016 01.png

STOP! Zhuqiaomon Event

Stop raging Zhuqiaomon and receive SURPRISING rewards!

  1. Get the event item ‘Piece of DigiCore’ in the epic dungeon of Zhuqiaomon. Beating Zhuqiaomon will get the item at 100% chance.
  2. Go to NPC Omegamon in Dats center. You can exchange Piece of DigiCore for the event items:
June2016 02.png
  • ‘Piece of DigiCore' is not tradable.
  • After the event, unused ‘Piece of DigiCore' will be removed.
  • The exchanged items are available even after the event.
  • The exchanged items are not tradeable.

Coldblooded Spirit, Sefirotmon Updated

Sefirotmon, one of the Legendary 10 Warriors, Digimon of Steel comes to the Digital World. The emotionless and coldblooded Digimon can analyze the enemy to find the weak points and beat it so fast. You can achieve the title of ‘Spirit of Shining Steel! Sefirotmon’, when you obtain the Digimon. The title gives you the buff effect of +5% Steel Attribute skill damage increased.

June2016 03.png

Refresh yourself with sweets!

If you get tired, then the Tamers are more tired than you, because they are saving the Worlds! Why don’t you give some sweets to the Tamers, so that they can gain energy?

  • You can obtain 'Cool Summer Box' at certain chance, after a battle of enemy Digimons.
  • When you open 'Cool Summer Box', you can get recovery items and Lollipops (increases stats; in the category of Glove):
  1. Cube sugar: recovers HP 400 / DS 400 for Tamer & Digimon
  2. Brown candy: recovers HP 1,200 for Tamer & Digimon
  3. White candy: recovers DS 1,200 for Tamer & Digimon
  4. Black candy: recovers HP 1,200 / DS 1,200 for Tamer & Digimon
  5. Yummy Lollipop: Extra EXP +200% / for 30 minutes
  6. Small Lollipop (1, 7, 15 or 30 days): Apply Att 100%, AT +100, Extra EXP +100%
  7. Square Lollipop (1, 7, 15 or 30 days): Apply Att 100%, AT +100, Extra EXP +100%
  8. Star Lollipop (1, 7, 15 or 30 days): Apply Att 120%, AT +150, Extra EXP +100%
  • The Lollipops are in the category of Glove.
  • When you equip the Lollipops, the appearance of your Tamer will change. If your Tamer is already in a costume, the Lollipop does not change the appearance.
  • Cool Summer Box’ will be removed after the event. The items from the box will not be removed.
  • Cool Summer Box’ and the items in it are not tradeable.

Uprising Zhuqiaomon

New riding mode for Zhuqiaomon is also available, as the dungeon of [Uprising Flame] has been added! Travel around the Digital World with Zhuqiaomon! Note that you will need Will of Flames Zhuqiaomon Saddle.png to open the riding mode.

Will of Light! Riding mode for Omegamon!

Everyone’s favorite Omegamon! Eventually the riding mode for Omegamon has been added! To open the riding mode, you will need the special item, ‘Will of Light’ Omnimon Ride.png. Ride on Omegamon and be the guardian of the Digital World!

Come back to Digital World! Return of Tamers event

For the Tamers who have been away for 3+ months and back again, a comeback gift will be sent. This event will go on until you come back to DMO! Dive into Digital World! Right Now!

  • The gift will be automatically sent into the Cash Warehouse, when you log into the game.
  • The period of ‘3 months’ is as of 10th May. For example, if you have not logged in since 10th, Feb or earlier, then you are eligible to receive the gift.

Content of Welcome Back Box:

May2016 02.png

  • The gift can be received per account only.
  • All in-game items in the Box are character-bound, not to be traded.
  • The gift could be changed due to service schedule & circumstance.

Welcome to Digital World

Complete Tutorial and Get Rewards

May2016 03.png

Welcome to Digital World

Welcome Tamers! You level up and get rewards to boost leveling again!

April2016 07.png

  • The Gift Box will be sent to your Gift & Reward item storage, once your Tamer has reached certain level.
  • The in-game items cannot be traded and/or exchanged.
  • Each Gift Box can be received per account only.
  • Only new Tamer created during or after May 10, 2016 Patch can receive the Gift Box.

Come closer and stay there

Log in to the game and just stay there. Then you will receive the great rewards!

June2016 04.png

World Festival Fever with DMO!

You should know the world festival is coming very soon! To celebrate the world festival, we will have a great fun in DMO with EXP burning!

  • Weekdays (Mon to Fri): Exp 200%
  • Weekend (Sat and Sun): Exp 300%
  • USA Independence Day (4 July, Mon): Exp 500%