July 8th, 2014 Patch

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[Game Update]

• Patch:
Jogress evolution bug has been fixed
Capsule evolution digimon’s Buff/Debuff skills has been rebalanced

• Event that will end:
2014 soccer avatar sales has ended

• Event (Open):
Definite Level-5 Digi egg sales have started (7/8 ~ 7/22, 2weeks)
     - Price is 290 Silk
     - 1 out of arround 40 kinds of Digi-Egg is obtainable randomly
50% Discount event

Jogress Chip.png Backup Disk.png

Ingame event : Evil Incarnate the manifestation will start
   - Period : 7/8 ~ 8/5 (Every day, only except on Tuesday)

• Item provision
  1)  Digi-Egg evolution Digimental up has been provided
  2) 1st in the server! Digi-Egg evolution has been provided
  3) 1st in the server! Magnamon evolution has been provided
  The achievement has been provided to the players who opened the each evolution lines.

• Compensation:
Exp event
     Period : 7/19 ~ 7/20 48 hours, (All servers)
Item compensation
     Compensation date : 7/8
     Range : Once per account
     a)     1x Mystery Reinforced Mercenary Digiegg (4/5, 5/5 Scanable)
     b)     1x Digi Aura (7days)
     c)     50x Peperoni pizza

[Web Update]

• Digimon Full Client has been updated on the official webpage (946 MB)
• Digimon manual patch has been updated on the official webpage (158 MB)