July 22, 2014 Patch

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• Silphymon Jogress Package (7/22 ~ 8/12, 3weeks)

To celebrate Silphymon (Jogress) release, we now sell some discounted packages (65 Silk).


Note: The digimons in this package (Plotmon and Hawkmon) are Jogress Type digimons only. The regular Plotmon and Hawkmon in the cash shop cannot be evolved into Jogress.

• Random Box of Burst Mode (7/22 ~ 8/12, 3weeks)

Random Box to obtain Burst Mode Slot Expansion item is added.


List of obtainable Burst mode Item


• Mid DATA Added (7/22 ~ 8/26, 5weeks)

Mid DATA which has a higher success rate than Low DATA does is added.


  • You can obtain it randomly from Chimairamon appearing at Kaiser's Lab.
  • You can also buy each attribute's Mid DATA at Item Shop.
  • You can use Mid DATA to further increase your digimons level up to 4 ~ 5 by chance

• Savers Avatar added (7/22 ~ 8/26, 5weeks)

4 Original Avatars from Savers are on limited sale

• Jogress Evolution Stats Increased! (7/22 ~ 8/26, 5weeks)

For 5 weeks' event period, Jogress Stats increase significantly.



  • All Jogress digimons' stats increase like above during the event.
  • After the event ends, all the stats will be restored to the default setting

• Just Stay Connected to Receive Loads of Gifts! (7/22 ~ 8/26, 5weeks)

During the event, you will get items if you play the game for a specific time.



  • All the event items are not tradable.
  • Scan Random Jump Boost item to get the Boost can be used to move to Yokohama Area / Western Area / Glacier Area / File Island.

• Obtain Silphymon Gift Box during the Digital World's event! (7/22 ~ 8/26, 5weeks)

Defeat any enemy digimon in the Digital World to get Silphymon Gift Box randomly.



  • All the event items are not tradable.
  • You can get one of Adventure tamer exchange ticket from 7 Pcs of Tamer exchange coin (T.K., Mimi, Tai, Matt)

• Silphymon, I'm the best! (7/22 ~ 8/26, 5weeks)

20 players per each server will be selected from those players who succeed Silphymon Jogress Evolution during the event, and Mystery Digi-egg Box which can be used for capsule evolution will be given to the winners.

[Rewards Item]


• Enjoy your first Digital World with GM's Gift Box! (7/22 ~ 8/26, 5weeks)

GM's gift will be given to the tamers who visit the Digital World for the first time

[GM's Gift Package Box]



  • It will be given once per account.
  • Existing players can get it as well. (Existing players can get First Mercenary Package item once by creating a new tamer during the event.)

• <Beverage> Vending Machine Discount Event (7/22 ~ 8/26, 5weeks)

<Beverage> vending machine sells its items at half price from July 22 to August 12 before the server maintenance.

• EXP event with Silphymon (7/22 ~ 8/26, 5weeks)

Acquire 30% for movement speed on weekdays, 200% EXP on weekdays and 300% EXP on weekends during the event period.

Game Update

•July event has been ended
•August event have started
•Mid Class DATA have been added in the cash shop
•Silphymon Jogress package have been added in the cash shop
    Beast Mid DATA+30
    Bird Mid DATA+30
•Burst mode item Random box have been added in the cash shop
   You can get 1 of the Burst mode items that is listed below
    Holy Spear
    Hyper Cannon
    Alarm Clock
    Critical Arm
    Omega Blade
    Toy Gun
    Sodom and Gommorrah
    Furious Claw, Gehenna
•Savers tamer avatars have been added in the cash shop
•New Digimon Deck (Encyclopedia) have been added
   Burst Ultimate Wings
   Seafood Stew
   Sharp Blue Sword Wave
   Instant Red Gun Fire
   So cute
•Nefertimon’s F1 skill string has been revised (Cirse of Queen -> Curse of Queen)
•Tai’s Berserker skill bug have been fixed
•Mysterious Digi-Egg box has been removed in the cash shop
•Exchange Ticket for the Ring of Miracles [1 rank] item has been removed in the cash shop
•Discount event has been ended
•Definite Level 5 digiegg sales has been removed in the cash shop