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A Jogress is a form of evolution that requires two or more Digimon to proceed to the next level. The requirements for these evolutions vary, though usually involve a set of quests from the Calumon (NPC), the use of a Jogress Chip and the Digimon involved in the Jogress must be in your mercenary line up.

The Jogress will take the attributes of the lowest level Digimon involved in the evolution and will take their stats as their base.

Ex: If you have a Lv70 Gabumon and a Lv75 Agumon, then you can only evolve your Gabumon to Omegamon. If they are the same level, you can evolve either one.

  • Current Jogress Digimon in gDMO and kDMO:

Vaccine Attribute

Data Attribute

Virus Attribute

Unknown Attribute