January 27th, 2015 Patch

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• Spirit evolution! Here comes Agnimon..

Agnimon, the first Digimon of Spirit evolution, is updated. Do not miss out on the two-week opportunity to immediately summon Agnimon.

[Package Contents]

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  • Event Period: January 27 ~ February 10
  • Bokomon's Book of Knowledge sales is permanent
  • Each spirit Digimon must reach the level of 99 in order to become “Spirits of shinning” that is essential in obtaining “Susanomon”

• Agnimon Acquired Achievement

When you acquire Agnimon, you complete the "Agnimon Acquired!" achievement and obtain the "Spirit of Fire! Agnimon" title.

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  • Achievement Buff Effect: Damage increased by 5% when using fire element skills.

• Memory Skill system updated

Memory Skills are Digimon skills that can be learned with a "Skill Memory" item which allows Digimons to learn 1 additional memory skill.

[Skill Memory Capsule]

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  • Skill memory Capsule sale is permanent

• A Sweet gift of the Digital World

Hunt enemy monsters of the Digital World to collect and take cocoa seeds, cacao, and milk to <event> Rosemon, who does not have the ingredients to make chocolate, and receive thank you gifts..

[Rewards Item]

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  • Event items cannot be traded.

[Components of the 2015 Valentine Gift Box]

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  • Gift items cannot be traded among users.
  • Cocoa seeds, cacao, and milk items can be traded among users.
  • <1> = Runtime/Change to Repetition Quest after Completion.
  • <2> = <1> Creation after Completion / Change to Repetition Quest after Completion.
  • <3> = <2> Creation after Completion / Change to Repetition Quest after Completion.
  • <4> = <3> Creation after Completion / Change to Repetition Quest after Completion.
  • <5> = <4> Creation after completion / One off Quest.

• Attendance and connection reward event

You will receive many gifts when you enter the game during the event period.

[Rewards Item]

Valentine2014 6.jpg

[Reward Items you can receive with coins]

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  • Event items cannot be traded.
  • You can exchange coins for items through Dats Center NPC Agnimon.
  • Refer to Event No. 1 for the 2015 Valentine Gift Box.

• Level up by eating Valentine chocolate foods!

During the event period, Dats Center Frigimon sells choco cookies, choco bread, and choco pieces. - Choco Cookie: Attack increased by 20% for 5 minutes. - Choco Bread: Skill Damage increased by 20% for 5 minutes. - Choco Piece: Defense increased by 20% for 5 minutes.


  • The 3 items can be used at the same time.
  • The items are sold until February 24, 2015, can be used until March 24, and are deleted on March 24.
  • Event items cannot be traded.

• Gift for tamers! FOR U Avatar!

FOR U Avatar to celebrate Valentine's Day. Wear the 2015 Happy Valentine title, obtainable through the coin exchange event, and open the FOR U Avatar box provided at the cash item inventory and you will receive one of the letters F, O, R, and U. Stand in the order of F, O, R, and U with tamers wearing the corresponding Avatar clothes and take a screenshot and post in on Facebook (Gift for tamers! FOR U Avatar!). 1 Miracle Ring [Level 10] will be given to 12 tamers per server (3 teams per server) through a lottery.

[Format] - Screenshot: - Server name: - Tamer name/ Names of the tamers in the picture:


  • The item is given once per account.
  • Miracle Ring [Level 10] cannot be traded among users.
  • FOR U Avatar Status: HP +400, Friendliness +40, usage time: 15 days.
  • The 2015 Happy Valentine title from the coin exchange event and each of the F, O, R, and U letters must be in the screenshot.
  • Tamers who post the same screenshot multiple times will be disqualified from the event lottery and will be restricted from SNS activities.
  • This event is for Joymax Digimon Masters users.

• A Gift Box personally made by GM while thinking about you

GM will give a special gift to previous users who have not entered Digimon Masters from midnight of October 27, 2014 until midnight of January 27, 2015. - User selection: during the inspection on January 27, 2015 - Selection requirements: accounts that have not once logged in from October 27, 2014 until January 27, 2015 - Date of issuing items: during the inspection on January 27, 2015 (once per account)

[2015 Comeback player reward Box]

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  • Event items cannot be traded.
  • Cash Warehouse will be given to the selected users.
  • There is a certain probability of obtaining a Digi-Egg when you scan the "Digi-Egg Random box."

(One out of ten, Digi-Egg of Sincerity, Knowledge, Kindness, Reliability, Friendship, Light, Hope, Love, Courage, and Miracle.)

• Enjoy the Digital World with new tamers!

Levels up Gift Boxes are prepared in Dats Center for the new users visiting Digital World. [Item gained when Level up Gift Box is used]

Valentine2014 9.jpg


  • Level-up gift box will be given to My Mail Box when you reach a certain level.
  • Relevant event item cannot be traded or exchanged.
  • Players can receive a gift box once per account.
  • New player who joined before January 27 can get the gift box after reaching the target level. (Should make a new tamer)

• Valentine's Day EXP Event
      - Movement speed increased by 30% and EXP increased by 200% in the weekdays and 300% in the weekends during the event period.
      - Valentine's Day celebration special 500% EXP event: You can obtain 500% EXP from 2/14/2015 Sat. 0000 until 2/15/2015 2359.

• February Achievement Event

Game Update

• Thanksgiving day food item has been deleted
• Spirit evolution system has been added
• Skill Memory system has been added
• Agnimon Digimon has been added
• Skill Memory capsules and Memory chips has been added
• Digimons attributs renewal:

Valentine2015 Attributes Renewal.jpg Valentine2015 Attributes Renewal2.jpg

• Fix:
In Server continent area, the NPC name of Pawnchessmon W and B has been revised