January 26th, 2016 Patch

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[Period : Jan 26 (After maintenance) ~ Feb 23, 2016 (Before maintenance)]

Valentine Day Event with Lilithmon

Valentine2016 00.png

Plotmon! The only woman of the Seven Great Demon Lords, Evolve into Lilithmon!

This Digimon has appearance of human and is in charge of sexual desire as one of the “Seven Great Demon lords”. Also it is called "Goddess of Darkness" as another name, and is same kind of Ophanimon(Three angels). But her current appearance is caused by her revolt against God and she is corrupted.

Valentine2016 01.png

I’m happy in Valentine Day because I’m single!

We provide ‘I’m happy because I’m single!’ achievement title for tamers who evolved Plotmon into Lilithmon.

After Lilithmon Evolution, please ask for date to NPC “Lilithmon” in Dats center!

         - Event Period : Jan 26 (After maintenance) ~ Feb 23, 2016 (Before maintenance)
         - Achievement Buff Effect : Max HP +500 / Defense +50 increased

- Plotmon (Lilithmon Type) can be evolved into Lilithmon.

- Make sure opened evolution slot for Lilithmon to accept & complete Event quest.

Lucky Day Event with Lilithmon!

Enemy Digimon on all field will drop items from the list below.

Valentine2016 02.png

- Low chance will be set for getting.

- When a tamer use a Jackpot item, an alarm message will be delivered to all server.

Avatar Gift for tamer who is single! Time to be together! (Provided Automatically)

Valentine Day Gift for tamer who is single! Costume item is provided only once for each tamer through NPC ”Lilithmon”.

Also tamer who is in a relationship can get the costume, however please be careful the costume may make tamers single.

Valentine2016 03.png

- Event items are provided only once for each tamer, and cannot be traded if those are bounded.

Connection event is Keep continued regardless of Valentine Day!!

If tamers keep connection during event period, we provide plentiful items. Please check below list which has 100% chance for winning~!

Valentine2016 04.png

- Above reward is provided only once for each 1 hour.

- Event is initialized based on Every 23:59:59 per day ( Gameking Standard Time ), please don’t forget

 the reward!

Valentine2016 05.png

- All of event item is not tradable.

- Random Digiegg Level 3 is provided when [Mystery Mercenary DigiEgg – Alpha, Beta] is scanned.

- A Digiegg among Digiegg Level 3, 4, 5 is provided randomly when [Random reinforced mercenary DigiEgg – Alpha, Beta] is scanned.

- Please find NPC Chuchidarumon in Dats center to exchange Valentine Event Coin.

- Tamers can exchange only once among No. 6 or No. 7 and No. 8 or No. 9 also (Valentine Event Coin x20, x25 section)

- After event is finished, Valentine Event Coin is entirely removed.

Winter season also with Digimon Masters Online!

Valentine2016 06.png

Enjoy the winter with Snowboard / Skating wear!

Season for Ski and Snowboard, winter! Digimon Masters team has prepared Skiwear & Snowboard wear to celebrate this white season. Do not miss the opportunity of only 4 Weeks. Below two costumes is classified according to Digimon TV animation series, for making sure, Savers characters can equip Snowboard wear and Adventure character can equip Skating wear. Especially Yoshi & Mimi (Female character) can equip ‘Figure skating wear’.

Valentine2016 07.png

- Each costume has duration of using 1 Day, 7 Days, 15 Days and 30 Days..

- The costume’s buff effect is [Moving speed +77%], [Attack +600], [EXP +200%]

New Spirit ‘Bolgmon’! Evolve into Spirit of Thunder Beast mode!

Another Hybrid Form Bolgmon which has the power of Thunder is added.

Do not miss the opportunity of 4 weeks that you can get new spirit evolution form directly.

Valentine2016 08.png

Complete new achievement for Bolgmon and control your own Thunder!

If tamers get Bolgmon, 'Obtain Bolgmon!' achievement is completed and able to get ‘Spirit of Thunder! Bolgmon’ title.

   - Achievement Buff Effect : Damage 5% increased for skill of Thunder attribute.

Lucemon (Falldown Mode) (Raid) Event

Lucemon Falldown mode appears in Digital World.


Lucemon Falldown mode appears randomly in only a field among all maps during event period.
Lucemon Falldown Mode Raid Box] is provided to tamers based on who gives much damage to Lucemon Falldown mode.
Even a tamer who gives only 1 damage point is able to get the reward also.


Damage Ranking 1st : [Lucemon Falldown Mode Raid Box] x3
All tamers : [Lucemon Falldown Mode Raid Box] x1

[Contents for Lucemon Falldown Mode Raid Box]

BM Random Box x1 / Tradable
Lucemon Reinforced Mercenary Digiegg(Level 3~5) x1 / Not Tradable
Lucemon Mercenary Digiegg Level 3 x1 / Not Tradable
Lucemon Mercenary Digiegg x1 / Tradable
Evolutor x3 / Not Tradable
Jump Booster [Entire Area] x10 / Not Tradable
Reset Capsule x1 / Not Tradable
Regular Megaphone x5 / Not Tradable
Backup Disk x1 / Not Tradable
Mysterious Fruit x3 / Not Tradable
Chicken Combo x10 / Not Tradable
Tamers can get only 1 item among the above list for each box.

Travel all map with Sangloupmon Riding mode!

Sangloupmon Riding mode is added!

Valentine2016 09.png

- Sangloupmon Riding can be opened with “Rider Wing x1” or “ModSelector x1”.

Level your tamers up with Burning Server

The 4 weeks never come again!! All tamer who exhausted Level up, increase your level with Burning server!

- Date for Burning Server : Jan 26, (After maintenance) ~ Feb 23, 2016 (Before maintenance)

- Weekday : 200% Additonal EXP

- Weekend(Sat, Sun) : 300% Additonal EXP

- Valentine Day (Feb 14) : 500% Additonal EXP

- Burning event is applied automatically for all servers during event period.

Massive Update of New Goods in Cash Shop!!!

Valentine2016 10.png

Massive amount of new Goods are added into Cash Shop. Please check & enjoy as your wish.!

Note! Some items will be removed and got changed to those description.

  • Tamer

Valentine2016 11.png

  • Digimon

Valentine2016 12.png

  • Avatar

Valentine2016 13.png

  • Packages

Valentine2016 14.png

Game Update

• New Digimon Lillithmon is updated!
• New item “ Jump Booster [Server Continent Area]“ is updated.
• New item “ Friendship of Digisoul“ is updated.
• Cash Shop item “ Jogress Chip“ is now contained in a tradable box.
• Cash Shop item “ Digi Aura“ is now contained in a tradable box.
Whisper’s malfunctioning is fixed.
A problem which Chat window was deactivated when tamers click another UI area while activated Chat window, is fixed.
A problem which Hatch Backup wasn’t registered with Right click of Mouse device, is fixed.
A Problem which the items have wrong amount when tamer arranges items on inventory while scanned Digiegg, is fixed.
A problem which Area name wasn’t located on map screen when tamers check a map with World map, is fixed.
Tamers won’t be able to register another Digiegg while trying to hatch a Digiegg.
A problem which Digimon, Tamer and deactivated Riding have abnormal moving speed when tamers use riding function, is fixed.
A problem which Shadow disappears when tamers change Resolution, is fixed.
UI window size for Purchase information in Cash Shop, is fixed.
A problem which Client was crashed when loaded map, is fixed.
A problem which some keyboard shortcuts don’t work correctly if those were set with arrow keys, is fixed.
A problem which Moving speed didn’t change properly when items related to Moving speed is equipped & unequipped, is fixed.