Inquiry to Doctor Kevin Krier

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Kevin Krier
Inquiry to Doctor Kevin Krier
Quest Type Sub Quest
Tamer Level 6
Given by Richard Sampson
at DATS Center
Rewarded by Kevin Krier
at DATS Center
If these are items from the Digital World, you should as Doctor Akihiro Kurata, who is an expert in this subject... but since he's in the Digital World now...
Oh, wait, I've got an idea! You should take them to Doctor Kevin Krier.
Tell Doctor Kevin Krier, the Digital Gate expert, of my request that he investigate these objects.
Speak with Kevin Krier in DATS Center, having the item 'Suspicious Item' Suspicious Item.png in the bag.

Tamer Exp: 22
Digimon Exp: 225
Bits: 100 Currency Bit.png
Misc. Info
This quest will only be available after completing 'Suspcious Items Must Be Examined!!' quest.
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