I will give you a final test

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Wanted Deputymon
I will give you a final test
Quest Type Sub Quest
Tamer Level 18
Given by Wanted Deputymon
at Digimon Farm
Rewarded by Wanted Deputymon
at Digimon Farm
If you go to the northern area of Digimon Farm, you can find Mining Village Area. Use the <Token of Trust> I gave to you there. I won't explain in detail.
Summon and defeat it. Be sure to use it in Mining Village Area!! It might a difficult battle. After summoning, you have to search the northern <Mining Village Area> It may hide somewhere.
Prepare yourself thoroughly!

Completion message
I think we developed tremendous trust!
The monster that you summoned is my phantom that is made to test you. I knew that you would make it.
If I have to fight against Starmon I dislike in the future, I wish you to help. I don't know when it will be..
First of all, I need to train myself, analyzing the weak point do cument you brought me in order to get rid of Starmon!
Thank you, anyway.

Explore whole area of Digimon Farm
  • Move to Mining Village Area of Farm
  • Hunting of Deputymon

Tamer Exp: 15111
Digimon Exp: 15111
Bits: 195
Misc. Info


  • After using the Token of Trust in the Mining Village Area, somewhere randomly in that area will Deputymon spawn. Kill it, and go and complete the quest!
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