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Hello, it's Digimaloko again! Now in this fusion of a little game guide and Don't act like a newb guide... I will explain some stuff, but please skip some parts if you think you already understand that. First, let's start with the basics:

- Use the WASD letters on the keyboard to move. To chat, press enter. Press escape for settings.

- Click right button to move the camera. When having clicked on another Tamer, right click on it's icon to see the options for this Tamer.

- To change the Channel, click on the button at the Left of the Mini Map, after you clicked, they will show a list of Channels in that Map, if you don't know this, maybe you won't be able to find your friend or good shops at Dats Center~


- To trade select another Tamer and then click in the window that appears above and click left button in the option 'Trade Request'. This will open a trade window. Put in the items or click the coin icon to negotiate with money, click on type( Currency Tera.png, Currency Mega.png and Currency Bit.png) and write the quantity in numbers.


- To create a party, simply invite another Tamer to party up with you. There are three ways to do this:

  1. Click on a player, then right click on the window that appears above, and use the option 'Request Party'
  2. Go to your Friend List or Guild List to invite using click then the option 'Request Party'
  3. This is a very important thing, you can call to party only with a Name, press Enter and write /Invite Nameofcharacter .

-Party Commands: You need to be Leader to use all of them except Exit Party:

1-Exit a party: Right Click on your character photo and click on 'Leave Party', or press Enter and write /leave

2-Kick anyone of Party: Right Click on the photo of the character you want kick and put the option 'Expel From Party'

3-Appoint another player to party leader: Right Click on the photo of the character you want appoint leader and click on 'Appoint Party Leader'

4-Change drop obtain system: Right Click on you photo as party leader, click on the option that beings with 'Trophy:' then you will have 4 options and a Cancel Option:

1ºThe first attacker obtain: It's same as the default drop system

2ºSequential obtainment: You drop one item, then you drop another, the first go to you, the second go to 2ºin party and vice-versa

3ºFree obtain: Used for carding. When activated, you can pick up all items other players drop, but you can't pick up Quest Items, you can pick up some event items.

4ºRandom obtain: Your drop... Will go to??? I don't know!! Anyone!!(Same for other players in Party)

(In Party your Channel convert to the Channel that have more players of the party)

Friend List

-To add anyone to Friend List use the option 'Add to Friend List' in the tamer screen that appears above after you click another player's Tamer or to make this in distance, use /Friend Nameofcharacter

-To add anyone to Block List use the option 'Add to Block List' in the tamer screen that appears above after you click another player's Tamer or to make this in distance, use /Block Nameofcharacter

Hatching Digimons

-Oh I forgot to tell you how to make a New Digimon!!

First you need the eggs. To obtain eggs, defeat the digimon and their evolutions. Example: I Want a Drimogemon. So I have to defeat a Drimogemon, Digmon, Giromon or HiAndromon( HiAndromon can drop Guardromon eggs too) to view digiegg drop locations see Drop Location Here .

Once you have the eggs, view the type of the egg. Example: I pick up... Eggs of Drimogemon. Now I need 1 Beast Low Class Data.png Data Beast Each input.(Input? I will explain: After you have the datas and eggs, you need put it in the Incubator ,later, when you find one, click on it and use the only option 'Create Mercenary'. They will open a window with 4 options:'Register', 'Reg.H.Backup', 'Hatch' and 'Cancel'. First Right Click on the egg in your inventory that you want to use or Click on the 'Register' option, if you put the wrong egg, don't worry, use the 'Cancel' option, but if you already put some data sucessfully using the 'Input' button in the egg the 'Cancel' button will destroy the egg, if you have a Hatch Backup you can use it pressing the 'Reg.H.Backup' but the Hatch Backup only works with certain levels of Data input. Example:'Penalty Prevention is only available up to level 4'. Then you can only use it in a attempt to up a level 3 inputed digiegg to a level 4 inputed digiegg.

Reader's note As it is hard to successfully input data in the incubator in order to hatch a digimon, players are not really obligated to risk their eggs trying to add more and more data. The size of the hatched digimon can be rescaled using 'Fruit' Items(Fruit of the Goddess,Miracle Fruit and Mysterious Fruit). Players can get them as gift from events or buy one in the Cash Shop and Kamemon's Core Shop. But the tamer has to take care because the item is able to increase or decrease the size.

Once it is 3/5 or more and you are pleased with the result, click on 'Hatch' option then give a name to your new Digimon. You can also close the name screen and incubator screen to decide with your friends the name, then open again and continue. After the egg is hatched, uou will view a VERY COOL CUTSCENE that shows some of Digi-Evolutions of your new Digimon.


-Now you have your new Digimon(Or Not) You will need Evoluters, right? (What is an Evoluter??? It is an item to unlock forms of a Mercenary Digimon [Mercenary=Any Digimon that is not Starter or Xros] ) Take a look at my guide How To Get Evoluters Easy

Burst mode worst case scenario A friend of mine who was so hyped up after she bought the Burst Mode item (her very first one!) just did what could make some players rage-quit instantly: she opened the Digimon window, dragged the item to Burst Mode slot, and in the speed of light clicked the confirmation button without reading anything. - The result: deleted item. Can you imagine the roller coaster of emotions? I bet you don't. -Damn- Those things ain't cheap.

So how do I unlock Burst Mode? Simply, instead of dragging the item to the slot, click on the slot and click the confirmation button when it appears (if it is prompting you to unlock the Burst Mode, of course).

So, yeah, make sure you double-check... EVERYTHING. You did. You think you did? Well, you didn't. Check a third time.


-If you don't have alot of Burst Mode.png or Money, please take a look at my Guide How To Get Money Easy . You can buy a Burst Mode item between 9 and 12 Currency Tera.png and if you don't have Vaccine or Light Digimons, You can try to make without one, but I reccommend these atributes for a good Drop.

Leveling up

-If you don't level up fast, take a look at the LevelUpGuide (I didn't make the guide but... I recommend up with Quests in lvl 44+ at Silver Lake, 54+ at Silent Forest, 64+ at Lost Historic and 74+ at Waterfront. Level up only 1 Digimon. Later, you can level up your digimons at lv 1+ at Waterfront (Pick up a level 74+ Digimon, complete a quest, change Digimon and then pick up the reward. Later, when you'll have a Level 55 Tamer, level up the way the guide tells you to with that Level [And in level 63 Tamer you will stop gaining experience of Waterfront.]

(If you don't know where all these maps are located, I will tell you this: go to the D-Terminal and Talk with Elecmon and pay 20 Currency Mega.png to go to Village of Beginning, Then after you cross the map, you will be in Silver Lake, cross the map again and you will be in Silent Forest, cross again and you will be in Lost Historic, cross again and you will be in Waterfront.

Reader's note One thing that was not mentioned earlier but I believe it deserves to be addressed is this: don't shame other people for being newbies. Never forget, EVERYONE was a newbie when they started playing. You may be a level 99 tamer with a 5/5 Joggress Digimon with 12/12 cloning, but there was a time when you were just a level 10 newbie training your starter Digimon, learning the ropes through experience and/or assistance from other players. These people who you are insulting and shaming just because they're new to the game may one day be just as powerful as you are now. Newbies are just people who have not been in the game long enough to learn the ropes.