How to make easy money

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1. You need a Digimon with a good level to defeat Cherubimon at File Island Waterfront (Cherubimon is between levels 86 and 88)

2. Return the eggs for 1 Currency Mega.png or sell the eggs for 6-10 Currency Mega.png each (depends on server) since scanning for core and data will not make very much.

3.for the lower levels, they can kill Keramon, who are in the village of Yokohama. Each one gives you 300B

Tips For Drop

1.I Reccomend The Use Of Vacine Atribute is Strong Against Virus Digimons Like Cherubimon Vaccine and Its Strong Against Pitch Black Light Digimons Because Cherubimon is a Pitch Black.png Pitch Black and Virus.png Virus Digimon

2. Keep your inventory compact to carry more eggs

3. Use a Jogress or Burst Mode Digimon if you dont have a Burst Mode.png you can buy one of another players the price between 7 Currency Tera.png to 8 Currency Tera.png or buy in cash shop with 49PSilk. I use and recommend ImperialDramon (Paladin Mode) The Final form of ExV-mon. I use 40-50 Disk G and 30-35 Medium Vitamin B.

4.If Are you using Vacine Atribute is Strong Against Virus Digimons Like Cherubimon , Light Atribute: It's Strong Against Pitch Black or Its Strong Against All Atributes Atribute to defeat Cherubimon Make The Attribute Experience be 100% then you get +50% bonus(Its Strong Against All Atributes Digimons cannot be 100% Experience,they stop gain Experience at 75% or - ,Don't Worry Its Normal)

P.S If You Are Level 20 To 30 Id Get Some Hamburgers/Cheeseburgers And Use Ultimate Levels And Kill Veedramon At Oil Refinery 2

Extra Tips

1.Remember You Can Change Cores for Eggs at 5 Cores Each,You can make digimons more easily:Example(I Want Renamon! I will use 5 cores for each egg and buy the datas selling cores and datas, or sometimes with a trade of Devil data for Beast Data)

2.Respect The Players Making This don't try kill the Cherubimon more faster than it ,especially if they have using a Burst Mode or Side Mega without Aura,Because they should be using many Vitamins,If you respect other players,They Will Respect you,Try Find a Place without another player fighting,if dont you can wait,or try help players making quests maybe they will go away...

3.Now with the Level 99 you can't make this using a digimon lv 93++,then if you are using one,make double drop or try get another digimon

Alternate methods

If you don't want to battle the Cherubimon, there are other ways to make quick cash, though admittedly they don't usually work as well as the Cherubi method.

1. Battle Digimon in D-Terminal Dungeon B2. The leader Digimon there drop coins worth 400 B each. For best results, farm Wendigomon, Monodramon, and Keramon; they drop Beast, Dragon, and Devil data respectively, all of which are quite valuable and can easily be sold for 2-2.5 M each.

2. Fight digimon at Maze F1 with ur type advantage. Rookie digimon as easier to fight and when you are ready, go to the next floor. F3 can drop over 900B in coins. chip eggs give 6M per return and can stack up to 20 (120M per stack). Some digis can start at lv 70 and most at lv 80. this can be done up to lv 90 or even bring a lv 99 and farm. People have been known to get over 9T in crack eggs and chip eggs (Wormmon is very popular because they can drop 3-4 chip eggs).

3. get a lv 99(for best results) digimon with either BM or jogress. go to Server Continent Desert and go to Nanomon Maze (Instance Dungeon). deafeat etemon and ignore datamon. repeat this process until you are satisfied. now scan Datamon Treasure Box and start selling the CC u do not need. they can go for 1M. MF(if not CB) go for 40-50M ea, and pyramid att box gives att that are worth over 100M. BU can go for 300M-350M.