How to get easy evoluters

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There are a lot of ways to get Evoluters. Read on for a list of ways on how to get them.

  1. First way is to use a Monster Card Level 2. There are many things you can do with a Monster Card Lv2. A few are listed below.

    1. Buy as many Monster Card Lv2 as you can. Defeat all the Digimon that are summoned, either with a party or a high Digimon of your own. Once you've defeated as many as you can, sell all the Beast Low Class Data.png Beast Low Class Data you've obtained. You can also sell the Mercenary DigiEgg you've gotten of both Elecmon and Gabumon to buy more and more Monster Card Lv2. Beast Data averages between 3.5 Currency Mega.png and 5 Currency Mega.png. Mercenary DigiEggs go for anywhere between 8 Currency Mega.png and 25 Currency Mega.png.

    2. You can also get Monster Card Lv2 as a drop. Go to Western Village, and find the Digmon site. Keep on defeating them until a countdown appears. Keep defeating Digmon until it says a special Digmon has spawned -- Undersurface Coward. It will spawn 2 Digmon that are bigger and tougher than the other Digmon. These bosses have a 100% drop rate for Monster Card Lv2.

    3. Another way to get Monster Card Lv2 as a drop is to defeat Dobermon in Western Area: East. Same way, keep on defeating Dobermon until the boss Dobermon spawn -- Teeth of Terror. This area is usually less crowded, but more harder to control.

    4. The last way to get Monster Card Lv2 as drops is to defeat Biyomon at Wilderness Area. Works the same as with the Digmon and Dobermon spawns, only this time it'll spawn three (3!) Biyomon (Descendant of Phoenix). Again, should be a lot less crowded than Digmon.

  2. The second way is faster, but a lot harder. This time we'll use Monster Card Lv7. You will need at least one Digimon above level 70, because you'll fight Diaboromon Boss, TigerVespamon Boss and Cherubimon Boss. These cards summon between 1 and 3 Digimon. They usually summon 1 Diaboromon, 2 Diaboromon, 2 Diaboromon and 1 TigerVespamon, or 2 Diaboromon and 1 Cherubimon. There are 2 ways to obtain these cards:

    1. Buy the cards. The price lies between 10 Currency Mega.png and 20 Currency Mega.png.

    2. Another way is to get them as drops at the dungeon at Infinite Mountain. Party up with other Tamers and beat that pesky Devimon (Crack of Devimon) that lies in wait at the end of the dungeon. It's recommended to use a Vaccine and Light Digimon.