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Guild Permit.png Guild Permit

ClassNormal Item
A permit is required to create a guild.

Buy for100 Currency Mega.png
Sell forInfo Needed

A guild is an association of people for mutual aid or the pursuit of a common goal. Most people form guilds to combine strengths. It is most often used as a way to assure the procurement of a party. It is also a way for associates to remain in contact.

Creating a Guild

To create a Guild, talk to Director Hashima in DATS Center.

  • Choose the Item Shop option, then select the Guild tab and buy a Guild Permit for 100 Currency Mega.png.
  • Talk again to Director Hashima and choose the Create a Guild option.
  • Enter the details and then you're done.

Guild Member Stats




Every member in the Guild has a Guild Rank, from rank 15 to rank 0.

Guild Rank is determined by how much Contribution Points the player has.

Contribution Points can be gained by just playing the game (need more details!).

The goal of Guild Rank is just to see how active is a guild member compared to other guild members.

You can check your Contribution Points by placing your mouse on top of your 'Rank' in the guild menu.

You can check all Guild members Contribution Points by selecting 'Guild Activity' in the guild menu.

Guild Rank Contribution Points
Rank 15 0-800
Rank 14 801-1600
Rank 13 1601-2400
Rank 12 2401-3200
Rank 11 3201-4000
Rank 10 4001-4800
Rank 9 4801-5600
Rank 8 5601-6400
Rank 8 6401-7200
Rank 7 7201-8000
Rank 6 8001-8800
Rank 5 8801-9600
Rank 4 9601-10400
Rank 3 10401-11200
Rank 2 11201-12000
Rank 1 12001+
Rank 0 Guild Master?
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