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  -Tamer level 70
  -Hawkmon level 70 with Silphymon (Jogress) unlocked.
  -Salamon level 70 with Silphymon (Jogress) unlocked.

Quest Detail

Exclamation Mark.png Note: With the exception of the first one, you must have Salamon as your partner Digimon to accept every quest.

  1. Digivolve your partner Digimon to Silphymon (Jogress) and talk to Calumon <Jogress> in Dats Center.
  2. Talk to Valkyrimon and Freyja NPC in Frozen Ground.
  3. Kill 60 Grizzlymon in Digimon Maze F2.

Info.png Note: From this point, you can choose whether you want to side with Valkyrimon or Freyja. The quests will differ based on who you choose, but the overall objectives are roughly the same.

Valkyrimon Side

  4A. Kill 1 Antylamon, 15 Sangloupmon, and 20 Gazimon in Snowstorm Village. Sangloupmon and Gazimon will be summoned by Antylamon, so make sure to kill him last.
  5A. Kill 1 MetalTyrannomon, 15 DarkTyrannomon, and 20 BlackGreymon in Frozen Ground. DarkTyrannomon and BlackGreymon will be summoned by MetalTyranomon, so make sure to kill him last.
  6A. Kill 1 Mephismon, 15 Devidramon, and 20 BlackGatomon in Distorted Data Village. Devidramon and BlackGatomon will be summoned by Mephismon, so make sure to kill him last.
  7A. Kill 1 Cherubimon in Infinite Ice Wall.

Freyja Side

  4B. Kill 1 Asuramon, 15 Musyamon, and 20 Yasyamon in Western Area: Outskirts. Musyamon and Yasyamon will be summoned by Asuramon, so make sure to kill him last.
  5B. Kill 1 Panjyamon, 15 Shawujingmon, and 20 Bastemon in Western Area: East. Shawujingmon and Bastemon will be summoned by Panjyamon, so make sure to kill him last.
  6B. Kill 1 Astamon, 15 BlackWereGarurumon, and 20 Wendigomon in Digimon Farm. BlackWereGarurumon and Wendigomon will be summoned by Astamon, so make sure to kill him last.
  7B. Kill 1 ShadowSeraphimon in Wind Valley.

After Quest 7A or 7B

  8. Talk to Valkyrimon NPC in Frozen Ground and you will get Sealed Aurvandil.png Sealed Aurvandil.
  9. Talk to Calumon <Jogress> in Dats Center.

  • After finishing the quest, you will receive a Aurvandil.png Aurvandil item as reward. This item is needed to unlock Valkyrimon for the Salamon line.
  • To be able to use Valkyrimon, you will also need a Fenrir.png Fenrir item for the Hawkmon line. This item is obtainable from cash shop or from event.