Guide:Omegamon Zwart D

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Omegamon Zwart D.png

-[ Omegamon Zwart D Jogress Guide ]-


  -Tamer level 70
  -BlackAgumon level 99 with Omegamon Zwart unlocked.

Quest Detail

  1. Talk to Omegamon <Jogress> in Western Area: East. He will give you a Decisive Battle: Omegamon.
  2. Use the Decisive Battle: Omegamon to summon and defeat Omegamon (Jogress Quest).
  3. Talk to Akihiro Kurata <Jogress Quest> in Western Area: East.
  4. Defeat Argomon (Jogress Quest) in Lost Historic Site, and come back to Akihiro Kurata <Jogress Quest>.
  5. Defeat Pukumon (Jogress Quest) in File Island Waterfront, and come back to Akihiro Kurata <Jogress Quest>.
  6. Defeat Megidramon (Jogress Quest) in Silent Forest, and come back to Akihiro Kurata <Jogress Quest>.
  7. Defeat SkullMammothmon (Jogress Quest) in Versandi Terminal, and come back to Akihiro Kurata <Jogress Quest>.
  8. Go to Akihiro Kurata’s Hideout in Western Area: East and use the Cure Made by Kurata item. 
  9. Use the Masterpiece of Kurata [MugenDramon] item in Akihiro Kurata’s Hideout to summon and defeat 3 MachineDramon.
  10. Talk to Richard Sampson in Dats Center.
  11. Talk to [White-bearded Guru <Extraordinary Evolution>]] and Calumon <Jogress> in Dats Center.

  • To be able to use Omegamon Zwart D, you will also need a D Antivirus B.png D Antivirus B item for the BlackGabumon line. The item is obtainable from cash loot box or from event.