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-[ Omegamon Alter-S Jogress Guide ]-


  -Lv 70+ Tamer
  -BlackAgumon (BlitzGreymon line) level 41
  -Gabumon (CresGarurumon line) level 41

Quest Detail

  1. Talk to Calumon <Jogress> at Dats Center.
  2. Talk to BlitzGreymon NPC at File Island Waterfront. 
  3. Defeat 1 BlitzGreymon (Fighter) at File Island Waterfront.
  4. Digivolve your BlackAgumon to BlitzGreymon and talk to Calumon <Jogress> at Dats Center.
  5. Defeat 5 GrandisKuwagamon at File Island Waterfront and talk to Calumon <Jogress> at Dats Center.
  6. Talk to CresGarurumon NPC at Infinite Ice Wall.
  7. Defeat 20 SaberLeomon at Infinite Ice Wall.
  8. Digivolve your Gabumon to CresGarurumon and talk to Calumon <Jogress> at Dats Center.
  9. Talk to Omegamon <Royal Knights> at Dats Center. He will give you a Omegamon (Examiner) Summon Card.
  10. Use the Omegamon (Examiner) Summon Card in D-Terminal Underground Summon Square and defeat the Omegamon (Examiner).
  11. Talk to Calumon <Jogress> at Dats Center.
  • As a quest reward, you will receive a Jogress Data A - Omegamon Alter-S.png Jogress Data A - Omegamon Alter-S. This item is needed to unlock Omegamon Alter-S for the BlitzGreymon line.
  • To be able to use Omegamon Alter-S, you will also need a Jogress Data B - Omegamon Alter-S.png Jogress Data B - Omegamon Alter-S item for the CresGarurumon line. The item is obtainable from cash shop or from event.