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Abbreviation Description
*/5 The level of a DigiEgg inside the Incubator. With each successful data insert, the level increases by one. You're able to hatch a DigiEgg when it's either 3/5, 4/5 or 5/5, whereas 5/5 are stronger and bigger than the earlier levels. In game, you'll see Salamon Level 4 DigiEgg[100%] which is a Salamon 4/5.
LFP Looking for Party. People will usually say this on 'Shout' and say their Digimon's level, so you can invite them into a party if the levels between Digimon are close enough to gain XP.
ASB Advance Skill Breaking. A bug enabling some Digimon to couple a normal attack with a skill.
BUP or BU Backup Disk. Used to prevent losing cloning levels when you fail to increase it.
KFC or CC Chicken Combo, a Consumable recovery item that recovers 1600 HP and 1200 DS and can be used during battles.
Core Currency Digicore.png Digicore. It's an item that you may use in Kamemon (Digicore Merchant)'s store.
DF Difficult Fight Quest. In the quest the Tamer needs to use one Shiny Pebble obtained in a quest of the same NPC as this quest. The item works like a Monster Card: upon use, it summons 3 Monochromon (Raid). They disappear over time, and each Monochromon drops a different glove. You need a red, green and white glove. If you have all three, visit Patamon (NPC) and claim your reward of 100 Currency Mega.png, 1 Clon A, 10 special Exp. gloves, 10 Chicken Combo's and 3 Black Cogwheels.
DG Dungeon. Usually in reference to Devimons dungeon.
DD Double drop. Term used for fighting Monster Cards with the 'first striker' being a digimon in level range of the monster card, or lower (all other attackers can be of any level). Gained drops are significally better than when fighting a card with digimon's level far exceeding the card level.
Fruit Miracle Fruit, Fruit of the Goddess or Mysterious Fruit. It's a special item that allows you to change the size of a Mercenary Digimon. It's completely random - you may go down 8%, or up 20%. The maximum and minimum size depends on the hatching level of the Digimon. 3/5 is anywhere between 80% and 100%. 4/5 is anywhere between 109% and 124%. 5/5 is anywhere between 119% and 130%. It may also be known as "Leaf".
gDMO (Only available in gDMO!) Global Digimon Masters Online, it is the global server of Digimon Masters.
HBUP or HBU Hatch Backup Disk. Works the same way as a Backup Disk, but is used for hatching instead. ,
IDG Instance dungeon. Usually in reference to Devimons instance dungeon.
Jogress Jogress is a special level of Digimon - a fusion between two or more Digimon. See Category:Jogress for a list of available Jogress Digimon. For each Jogress there is a quest to be completed, a required Tamer level, required Digimon level, and certain forms are locked or unlocked.
kDMO (Only available in the Digimon Masters - Korean Version!) Korean Digimon Masters Online, it is the Korean server of Digimon Masters.
MC Monster Card.
DigiEgg scan Items which you get when scanning digiegg.

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