Fuji TV Rooftop

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Taichi Icon.png Taichi <Daily Quest>
Matt Icon.png Matt
Sora Icon.png Sora
Mimi Icon.png Mimi
Izzy Icon.png Izzy
Joe Icon.png Joe
T.K Icon.png T.K
Hikari Icon.png Hikari
Angewomon Icon.png Angewomon <Dungeon Portal>
Myotismon Icon.png Myotismon
Wizardmon Icon.png Wizardmon <Collapse>


  • You can move to Fuji TV Rooftop in the middle of storyline quests.
  • After completing the admission quest, it'll turn into daily quest that gives you admission daily from NPC Angewomon.
  • Fuji TV Rooftop quests can be received when Tamer's level is above 90.
  • Talk to NPC Angewomon to receive Quest (Daily) that obtain 2 Fuji TV Staff ID Card.png Fuji TV Staff ID Card.

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