Miracle Fruit, Mysterious Fruit and Goddess Fruit / Fruit of the Goddess

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Miracle Fruit.png Miracle Fruit, Mysterious Fruit.png Mysterious Fruit & Fruit of the Goddess.png Goddess Fruit / Fruit of the Goddess are items that reconfigure the size of your Digimon, for better or for worse.


You can get Miracle, Mysterious Fruits & Goddess Fruits / Fruit of the Goddess in numerous ways:

From the Cash Shop for 29 Crowns each (Goddess), 7 Crowns each (Mysterious)

buy for 30 Digicores each Miracle

3x Miracle

2x Miracle

2x Miracle

2x Miracle

2x Miracle

  • Chimairamon's Data for Normal.jpg Chimairamon's Data for Normal

3x Miracle

  • Chimairamon's Data for Hero.jpg Chimairamon's Data for Hero

5x Miracle & 2x Goddess

Mysterious -Tradeable

Goddess -Tradeable

Miracle & Goddess


(5x / 10x / 20x) Miracle , Goddess