February 5, 2013 Patch

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Valentine's Day Event, Feb. 5th 2013

General Info

Valentine's Day Event was the patch introduced on February 5th, 2013 and ran until March 12th, 2013.

It removed the Happy New Year! update, and introduced new Digimon, new items, new quests and new events.

Newly Added

Mercenary Digimon

Arkadimon (Rookie) Icon.png Arkadimon (Rookie)
Arkadimon (Champion) Icon.png Arkadimon (Rookie)
Arkadimon (Ultimate) Icon.png Arkadimon (Ultimate)
Arkadimon (Mega) Icon.png Arkadimon (Mega)
BlackMegaGargomon Icon.png BlackMegaGargomon


Valentine Day Gift Box.png Valentine Day Gift Box Gives random reward.
BlackMega Wing.png BlackMega Wing Expands evolution of Terriermon to BlackMegaGargomon
Sweet Chocolate.png Sweet Chocolate It gets rid of fatigue.


Rosemon Icon.png DATS Center Rosemon (NPC)

Quests and Events

A Sweet Gift of Digital World

<Event> Rosemon wants to give a gift of chocolate to his girlfriend, he doesn't have the ingredients for it! Bring Cocoa Seeds to him and he will give you a token of appreciation. Hunt field monsters and gather Cocoa Seeds for the Rosemon!
Cocoa Seeds Item Name
30 Miracle Fruit
50 Amplification Booster +200%
150 Valentine Day Gift Box
200 Mystery Mercenary DigiEgg
650 Mystery Reinforced Mercenary DigiEgg

Sweet EXP!

EXP acquired during the event period will increase 100% on weekdays, 200% on weekends, and 30% for movement speed.

Stay Connected on Valentine's Day!

Items rewarded when logged in during event period. A variety of items will be distributed according to the time spent online in the world of Digimon Masters.
Item Obtained after
Mysterious Growth Fruit.png Mysterious Growth Fruit × 5 30 minutes
Sweet Chocolate.png Sweet Chocolate × 1 1 hour
Valentine Day Gift Box.png Valentine Day Gift Box &times 1; 2 hours
Piece of Evoluter.png Piece of Evoluter × 1 3 hours

Crying out Digimon Masters in the center of http!

Leave a link of internet website you know which introduces Digimon Masters including http as a reply on event page! Best replies will be chosen and rewarded! The participants will be drawn for gifts. Winners receive a Level 5 Kamemon DigiEgg + Level 5 Tanemon DigiEgg (10 players per server, total of 40 players). Only the Reply to the notice registered in Digimon Masters Forum Section Event, 'Crying out Digimon Masters in the center of http!', will be accepted for event participation.

Pink + Black = Valentine's Gift

Every players acquiring Arkadimon and BlackMegaGargomon will be gifted during event period. *Reward item only given once per account.

Patch Notes

Hello. This is Digimon Masters.

In order to maintain a pleasant gaming and smooth patching experience, all servers will be undergoing weekly server inspection.

Weekly server inspection takes place every Tuesday.

Inspection Period: February 5, 2013. 13:00~18:00 Joymax Standard Time (6 hours duration)

[Game Update]

Arkadimon will be added in the cash shop

• Black Saint wing[1] will be added in the cash shop (Terriermon's Burstmode)

• Valentine Day Event will begin

A sweet gift of digital world
Sweet EXP!
Stay Connected on Valentine Day!
Crying out Digimon Masters in the center of http!
Pink + Black = Valentine’s Gift

• Happy New Year Event will end

New Year’s Event! Let’s eat delicious New Year Cake!
Happy New Year! EXP Event!
Connect to Digimon Masters and Receive New Year’s Fortune Every day!
What I want from Digimon Masters in 2013!
Let your friend know about the return of Alphamon Ouryuken in Digital World!
Feel the Power of “A”, Alphamon Jogress Evolution Event!

• January achievement event will end and February achievement event will begin

[Web Update]

• None




  1. BlackMega Wing