February 23rd, 2016 Patch

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[Period : Feb, 23 (After maintenance) ~ Mar 22, 2016 (Before maintenance)]

Tutorial Renewal! Easy to learn about Digimon Masters Online!

New area which is called “Dats center Underpass” updated for Tutorial mode. The area locates underground of Dats center, and tamer who rescues a Partner Digimon that is held in Dats center is arrived in the area. To protect Partner Digimon against chaser from Dats center, implement & complete Tutorial mode. Game is able to be started from “Dats center Underpass” when create new tamer.

  • Tutorial mode is available for all user when create new tamer.
  • Tamers can experience Basic system of Digimon Masters Online and receive some reward when its completed.
  • Tutorial mode cannot be skipped with newly created tamer.
  • Some item to help our new tamer is provided with the Tutorial, and will be continued with next main quest.
  • Existing tamer cannot implement the Tutorial.

New Spirit ‘Lanamon’! Evolve into Human mode with Spirit of Water!

One of Legendary Ten Warriors! Hybrid form ‘Lanamon’ which has power of water is added.


If tamers get Lanamon ' Obtain Lanamon!' achievement is completed and able to get 'Spirit of water! Lanamon’ title.

  • Achievement Buff Effect: Damage 5% increased for skill of water attribute

How to obtain [Lanamon]

  1. Necessary item : Spirit of water H x1
    • Tamer will get ‘Lanamon Summon Card’ when defeat enemy Digimon which is water attribute in Digial World.
    • And then Lanamon appears if the tamer uses ‘Lanamon Summon Card’' as an enemy.
    • ‘Spirit of water H x1’ is dropped after the tamer defeats summoned Lanamon again.
  1. [Spirit of Shining water H]
    • If you give Lv99 Lanamon & some cost to Bokomon, Bokomon exchanges them to 'Spirit of Shining water H’ and gives you.
    • 'Sort of Spirit of Shining’ item is necessary for spirit evolution of highclass which will be updated with future patch.
  • The Digimon which is exchanged for any kind of ‘Spirit of Shining’ cannot be re-exchanged or retrieved as a Digimon again.

Digi-Egg of Friendship! Lighdramon Riding mode update!

Riding mode for Lighdramon can be opened with “ModeSelector" x3

  • ModeSelector is in Cashshop.

Bot Report system is added

We will make Bot Protector for fair game service.

  • How to use New item ‘Bot Protector’:
    1. Purchase through Itemshop.
    2. Right click a picture for suspicious tamer information, and use. Or click suspicious tamer directly, and use.
    3. The suspicious tamer must solve a simple puzzle.
    4. If the puzzle isn’t solved, the suspicious tamer will be disconnected from Digimon Masters Online by force and can’t login for a while.
  • If suspicious tamer solve the puzzle from , the tamer isn’t affected
  • If suspicious tamer doesn’t solve the puzzle, the reporter will get additional EXP as a buff effect for a while.
  • We make a long cooldown time to protect another abusing by reporter.
  • A tamer who is in isn’t affected
  • Nobody can’t use in , and.
  • Tamers can buy with 1M, and it is buyable in category of almost Itemshop.

DigimonArchive Expanded

10 slots are expanded for DigimonArchive. Now DigimonArchive can be expanded until 100 slots, and you can store some Digimon which isn’t usually used into DigimonArchive.

Lucky Day Event!

Enemy Digimon on all field will drop items shown in the list below.


  • Low chance will be set for getting .
  • When tamer do level up with which is a Jackpot item, alarm message will be delivered to all server.

Play Digimon Masters Online on White Day with Connection reward event!!

It is 100% chance for getting items. If tamers keep connection during event period, we provide plentiful items like below!



  • All of event item is not tradable.
  • Random Digiegg Level 3 is provided when [Mystery Mercenary DigiEgg – Alpha, Beta] is scanned.
  • A Digiegg among Digiegg Level 3, 4, 5 is provided randomly when [Random reinforced mercenary DigiEgg – Alpha, Beta] is scanned.
  • Please find NPC MudFrigimon in Dats center to exchange White Day Coin.
  • Tamers can exchange only once among No. 6 or No. 7 and No. 8 or No. 9 also (White Day Coin x20, x25 section)
  • After event is finished, White Day Coin is entirely removed.
  • Tamers can receive connection rewards once for each day.
  • This event (How long tamer keep connection with Digimon Masters Online) is initialized every 23:59:59 (Gameking Standard Time), and please do not miss any reward!

Welcome Digital World!

Create new tamer and level the tamer up to get reward for its level!


  • Welcome Digital World! Event reward is not tradable.
  • The rewards are provided into Gift & Reward item storage.
  • Only New character which is created during event period can receive rewards event.
  • Regardless of how many tamers are created for event period, the tamer will receive above rewards.

Twelve Heavenly Generals Achievement! Let’s together with Majiramon in March!

When quest is completed in Dats Center, tamers can obtain title.

  • Twelve Heavenly Generals Achievement for Feb has been finishted. All items related to this event removed.

Level your tamers up with Burning Server

The 4 weeks never come again!! All tamer who exhausted Level up, increase your level with Burning server!

  • Weekday : 200% Additional EXP
  • Weekend(Sat, Sun) : 300% Additional EXP
  • White Day (Mar 14) : 500% Additional EXP