Eliminating Risky Factors

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Starmon of Passion
Eliminating Risky Factors
Quest Type Daily Quest
Tamer Level 5
Given by Starmon of Passion
at Western Village
Rewarded by Starmon of Passion
at Western Village
We are investigating the source of risky factors. We still have to suppress the rampaging Digimon. As you all know, this is strategically very important point.
If anything goes wrong, we can never return to Real World.
Woodmon (Leader). Togemon (Leader). Impmon (Leader). Digmon (Leader). Defeat 5 of each to secure safety of this area.
Defeat 5 Woodmon (Leader), 5 Togemon (Leader), 5 Impmon (Leader) and 5 Digmon (Leader).

Tamer Exp: 183
Digimon Exp: 1837
Bits: 1 Currency Mega.png 900 Currency Bit.png
Misc. Info
This quest will only be available after completing 'Suspicious Items!!' quest.
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