Duty of Dats Official Agent

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Akihiro Kurata
Akihiro Kurata.png
Duty of Dats Official Agent
Quest Type Main Quest
Tamer Level 5
Given by Akihiro Kurata
at Western Village
Rewarded by Akihiro Kurata
at Western Village
Be aware of your duty to me as a Dats Agent. What?! Kekeke... I am not talking about all those bullshit. As a Dats Agent, all you have to do is obey me. Kekeke...
Go straight south, and you will find Togemon. That Digimon makes needles inside its body and shoots them at its enemies. I need to analyze what is that made of. !? What are you waiting for!? That should be enough information by now!?
Go and get Togemon's needle for me!!
Collect 5 Togemon's Needle Togemon's Needle.png from Togemons.

Tamer Exp: 320
Digimon Exp: 3205
Bits: 342 Currency Bit.png
Misc. Info
This quest will only be available after completing 'Go give support to Doctor Akihiro Kurata' quest.
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