Digitamamon (Item Make)

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Digitamamon (Item Make)
Digitamamon (Item Make).png
Type: The Crafter - Digitamamon

Item Make System consists in to bring specific materials to Digitamamon on the eastern side of DATS Center, who will immediately exchange them for certain items.

Making List


Digimon Reinforcement

Digimon Evolution


Skill Memory

Seal Master

Consumable Item

Recovery Item


Scar of Water Crystal

Uprising Flame

Trace of the Black Steel

Descending Thunder God

Arena Voucher [Weekly / Montly / Seasonal]


EXP and Skill Memory

Digimon Mercenary DigiEgg

Hatch & Reinforcement

Tamer Equipment


Arena Achievement Exchange

Arena Champion

Arena Dominator

Arena Commander

Arena Dynast

NPC Merchants