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Digimon Archive
Type Storage
DATS Center
Western Village
Yokohama Village
Yokohoma East Village
Village of Beginning
Snowstorm Village
Digimon Maze Entrance
Digimon Farm
Wind Valley


The Digimon Archive Storage is a NPC used to store Mercenary Digimon. It initially are only has two open slots, but can be expanded using Digimon Archive Expansion item. There is also a fee charged whenever you move digimon into the storage. The cost of storage increases with the level of the digimon (1b-15M bits)

Related Items

Item 17.gif Digimon Archive Expansion is available on cash shop for 27 silk or can be obtained through event.

Mercenary Slot Expansion.png Mercenary Slot Expansion is used to unlock 4th slot for Mercenary Digimon, allowing walk with 4 digimons with you and gives a new slot for hatch a new digimon. It's available on cash shop for 99 silk or can be obtained through event.