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Digi-Clone Room is inside the Dats Center

DigiClone is an item bought from the cash shop or rewarded by events that can allow you to reinforce certain Digimon stats:





There are five ranks of this item, but only certain ranks will work after a stat is upgraded to a certain level. To increase a stat, there is a luck-based mini-game in which you select a card on the screen. If the card you selected is a "SUCCESS" card, you succeed in reinforcing a Digimon's stat. Some cards, however, are "FAIL" cards, from which you fail in reinforcing a Digimon's stat, as well as a chance for that stat to go down a Reinforcement Level.

You can max out your Attack, Critical, Block, Evade all to 15.

 •You are given 10 seconds to select a card before one is chosen randomly for you.

How to Clone

Talk to Richard Sampson and select the option Go inside DATS Center.

Once you head inside, you'll have option to Start and Exit. Click the computer that says "START" on it.

After you click the computer, it'll show your Digimon in a cell, and UI window will pop up.

You're able to upgrade your Attack [AT], Block Chance[BL], Critical Rate [CT] and Evasion Rate [EV] via this system.

Keep in mind that: You can only level your stats to Level 15, adding up to a total of Reinforcement Levels.

After you choose what you want to upgrade, right click the capsule to put it in, then you proceed to click Digiclon.

Once you're there, you'll have to choose from 14 cards. You'll either get a Success or a Fail.

Chances of Success for each capsule: 
 •Digiclon D.png: 12/14 (86% chance of success.) 
 •Clone C.png: 10/14  (71% chance of success.) 
 •Clone B.png: 6/14  (43% chance of success.) 
 •Clone A.png: 3/14  (21% chance of success.)
 •Clone S.png: 3/14  (21% chance of success.)  

Yes, the chances of failing get higher by each capsule, except with Clone S.

If you get a success, your Digimon's stat will increase and you'll get a nice success word infront of you and it'll tell you how much your Digimon increased in that stat!

That is about everything you need to know, just remember. This system is mainly about luck.

You're able to check your stats by pressing D, then going to Ability then hovering your cursor over the stats you've upgraded.

•Failing after clone level 3, your clone level can go backwards. Use a back-up disk to prevent this.

More Info

When you begin using this option in the game; you can't just upgrade automatically, you'll need Digiclones and Backup Disks for upgrading.

If you want to decrease a certain stat on your Digimon, you're able to use a Reset Capsule from Cash shop, and decrease the level from there. You can decrease the selected stat by 1 level is you use a Reset Capsule. Using a Reset Capsule A will decrease the selected stat to 0.

Backup Disk.png Backup Disks prevent you from going down a Reinforcement Level, because when you fail, there's a chance that can happen. Like going from 7 to 6 for example. You're able to get Backup Disks from Monster cards, Cash shop or various Raid boxes such as Mega Box.png Mega Box / Giga Box.png Giga Box or Super Crack of Devimon.jpg Super Crack of Devimon / Crack of Devimon.jpg Crack of Devimon, as well as Datamon Treasure Box (Normal).png Datamon Treasure Box (Normal) / Datamon Treasure Box (Hero).png Datamon Treasure Box (Hero) and Holy artifacts.jpg Holy Artifacts.

You're able to get Digi-clones from the Digi-core shop or cards.

From 1-3: You use Digiclon D.png Digiclon[D]. These are worth 1 Digi-core. You can also get these from some quests given in "Silent Forest".

From 4-6: You use Digiclon C.png Digiclon[C]. These are worth 2 Digi-cores.

From 7-9: You use Digiclon B.png Digiclon[B]. These are worth 3 Digi-cores.

From 10-12: You use Digiclon A.png Digiclon[A]. These, you're unable to get them from the Digi-core shop, but instead you get them upon finishing between ranks 1~3 on Leomon and Monochromon Raid bosses on Lost Historic Site and File Island Waterfront respectively. You can also get them from the Daily Quest on File Island Waterfront Difficult Fight, which will award you one Digiclon[A] each time the quest is completed. Inside the Digimon Maze (Floors B2, B1, F1, F2 & F3), Digimon can drop Digiclon[A].

Either of those clones can be found in Desert Blessing.jpg Desert Blessing.

From 13-15: You use Clone S.png Digiclon[S]. Those can be bought in Cash Shop or obtained from DigiClon Box.png Digiclone Box dropped in Server Continent Canyon, Server Continent Pyramid or scanned from Datamon Treasure Box (Hero).png Datamon Treasure Box.

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