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(デクスモン Death-X-mon)
Rank: S+
Form: Burst Mode

Virus: strong against Data - weak against Vaccine Virus

Elemental Attribute: Pitch Black: is strong against Thunder (× 25) - weak against Light (× -25) - somewhat strong against Pitch Black (× 10) Pitch Black
Attacker Type: Quick Attacker
Type: Unanalyzable Digimon
Families: Nightmare Soldiers Icon.png Nightmare Soldiers
Dark Area Icon.png Dark Area
Digivolved from: DexDorugoramon
Can be ridden Yes (Death-X Seat × 1)
Can be hatched No
Available: Yes

Dexmon doesn't have its own Digicore, so this type of program cannot be classified as a Digimon, and although it appears solid, it has no actual substance. If it detects a Digicore it will absorb it into its body and disassemble it, then reassemble it in a perpetually repeating set of processes named "Process 0" through "Process F". Although it is a simple program, it is thought that defeating it is within the realm of impossibility. Unless there are Digicores nearby, it will go into stasis, but as long as there are Digicores it will not cease.

Dexmon was added to Korean Digimon Masters on September 4, 2013.

Dexmon was added as a Mercenary Digimon to gDMO with the February 25, 2014.


Dorumon Icon.pngLv. 11 DexDorugamon Icon.png Lv. 25 DexDoruGreymon Icon.png Lv. 41 DexDorugoramon Icon.png Lv. 70 Dexmon Icon.png This is a Burst Mode form, rather than a Side Mega form(with Death-X Antibody.png Death-X Antibody)
Dorumon (X-Antibody System) Icon.pngLv. 11 DexDorugamon (X-Antibody System) Icon.png Lv. 25 DexDoruGreymon (X-Antibody System) Icon.png Lv. 41 DexDorugoramon (X-Antibody System) Icon.png Lv. 70 Dexmon (X-Antibody System) Icon.png This is a Burst Mode form, rather than a Side Mega form(with Dexmon X-Antibody Factor.png Dexmon X-Antibody Factor)

Default Stats

Exclamation Mark.png Note: Approximate statistics with 128% size and level 99

DGStats.png Digimon Stats
HP.png Health Points 6161
DS.png Digi-Soul 2232
AT.png Attack 1972
AS.png Attack Speed 2.2
CT.png Critical Hit 19.19
HT.png Hit Rate 500
DE.png Defense 175
EV.png Evade 27.60


Process F Pitch Black Pitch Black attribute 3 seconds cooldown 106 DS consumed skill points per upgrade Learned at Lv. 70
  To Detect and acquire Digicore
Process 0 Pitch Black Pitch Black attribute 6 seconds cooldown 230 DS consumed skill points per upgrade Learned at Lv. 73
Degradation Digicore Obatined Process O

Attack Atk Lv. 1 Atk Lv. 2 Atk Lv. 3 Atk Lv. 4 Atk Lv. 5 Atk Lv. 6 Atk Lv. 7 Atk Lv. 8 Atk Lv. 9 Atk Lv. 10 Atk Lv. 11 Atk Lv. 12 Atk Lv. 13 Atk Lv. 14 Atk Lv. 15
Process F.png Process F 3764 3944 4124 4304 4484 4664 4844 5024 5204 5384 5564 5744 5924 6104 6284
Process 0.png Process 0 6877 7157 7437 7717 7997 8277 8557 8837 9117 9397 9677 9957 10237 10517 10797