DexDorugoramon (X-Antibody System)

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(デクスドルゴラモン Death-X-DORUgoramon)
Rank: S
Form: Mega X

Virus: strong against Data - weak against Vaccine Virus

Elemental Attribute: Pitch Black: is strong against Thunder (× 25) - weak against Light (× -25) - somewhat strong against Pitch Black (× 10) Pitch Black
Attacker Type: Short Attacker
Type: Undead Digimon
Families: Dark Area Icon.png Dark Area
Nightmare Soldiers Icon.png Nightmare Soldiers
Digivolved from: DexDorugamon (X-Antibody System)
Digivolves to: Dexmon (X-Antibody System)
Can be ridden No
Can be hatched No
Available: Yes

DexDorugoramon is an Undead Digimon and a carrier of the DexDorugoramon X-Antibody Factor.png X-Antibody Factor : DexDorugoramon in its Digicore.
Its name and design are derived from "Death-X Dorugoramon". It was experimented on in search of further evolutions, and was said to, at the time of the experiment, resemble Dorumon's Mega form, Dorugoramon. Since it keeps preying on the DigiCores of other Digimon, it is active despite its deceased condition,.

DexDorugoramon (X-Antibody System) was added to Korean Digimon Masters on August 08th, 2018.
DexDorugoramon (X-Antibody System) was added to Global Digimon Masters with the August 28, 2018 Patch.


Dorumon Icon.pngLv. 11 DexDorugamon Icon.png Lv. 25 DexDoruGreymon Icon.png Lv. 41 DexDorugoramon Icon.png Lv. 70 Dexmon Icon.png This is a Burst Mode form, rather than a Side Mega form(with Death-X Antibody.png Death-X Antibody)
Dorumon (X-Antibody System) Icon.pngLv. 11 DexDorugamon (X-Antibody System) Icon.png Lv. 25 DexDoruGreymon (X-Antibody System) Icon.png Lv. 41 DexDorugoramon (X-Antibody System) Icon.png Lv. 70 Dexmon (X-Antibody System) Icon.png This is a Burst Mode form, rather than a Side Mega form(with Dexmon X-Antibody Factor.png Dexmon X-Antibody Factor)

Default Stats

Exclamation Mark.png Note: Approximate statistics with 128% size and level 99

DGStats.png Digimon Stats
HP.png Health Points 5323
DS.png Digi-Soul 1892
AT.png Attack 1540
AS.png Attack Speed 2
CT.png Critical Hit 17.6%
HT.png Hit Rate 500
DE.png Defense 151
EV.png Evade 29.3%


Doru Diin Pitch Black Pitch Black attribute 5 seconds cooldown 106 DS consumed skill points per upgrade Learned at Lv.
  Emits shock waves of destruction from its entire body.
Metal Impulse Pitch Black Pitch Black attribute 10 seconds cooldown 232 DS consumed skill points per upgrade Learned at Lv.
Thrusts the heart of the enemy with its right hand to cause shock, and extinguishes all data of the body.

Attack Atk Lv. 1 Atk Lv. 2 Atk Lv. 3 Atk Lv. 4 Atk Lv. 5 Atk Lv. 6 Atk Lv. 7 Atk Lv. 8 Atk Lv. 9 Atk Lv. 10 Atk Lv. 11 Atk Lv. 12 Atk Lv. 13 Atk Lv. 14 Atk Lv. 15
Doru Diin.png Doru Diin 5331 5576 5821 6066 6311 6556 6801 7046 7291 7536 7781 8026 8271 8516 8761
Metal Impulse.png Metal Impulse 9889 10248 10607 10966 11325 11684 12043 12402 12761 13120 13479 13838 14197 14556 14915