Desert Blessing

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You can get a Desert Blessing randomly for participating in killing the Etemon (Raid) or SkullGreymon (Raid) Raids in Server Continent Desert.

Items you can get

Desert Blessing.jpg Desert Blessing

Fruit of the Goddess.png Fruit of the Goddess
Miracle Fruit.png Miracle Fruit
5x Chicken Combo.png Chicken Combo
5x Desert Sand Grain .jpg Desert Sand Grain
Digiclon A.png DigiClone A
Digiclon B.png DigiClone B
Digiclon C.png DigiClone C
Digiclon D.png DigiClone D
Reset Capsule.png Reset Capsule
Jump Booster -File Island Area-.jpg Jump Booster (File Island Area)

  • None of these items are tradeable