Descending Thunder God (Easy Mode)

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The area where Qinglongmon among the Four Holy Beasts exists.

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  • Pass Descending Thunder God.png Pass [ Easy Descending Thunder God] is required to enter the dungeon and is available at tamer level 70+.
    • 2 Pass [Easy Descending Thunder God] tickets can be obtained for free from a daily quest given by Guilmon in D-Terminal, always at midnight (Korea Time Zone).
    • 1 Pass [Easy Descending Thunder God] ticket can be obtained by trading 50x Energy of Thunder God icon.png Energy of Thunder God with Renamon, Energy of Thunder God drop from any Digimon in Digimon Maze (except in Digimon Maze Entrance).

  • Rewards for defeating the bosses on easy mode are Chests of Trace and Black Steel Coins (1, 1~2, 2~3), which can be exchanged for Chest of Trace at Digitamamon in DATS Center


Antylamon (Deva) Icon.png Antylamon (Raid)
Mihiramon Icon.png Mihiramon (Raid)
Majiramon Icon.png Majiramon (Raid)
QingLongmon Icon.png Qinglongmon (Raid)

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