December 9, 2014 Patch

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[Game Update]

• Event that have ended:
Sale of the New capsule digi-egg package (4 kinds)
 - Shurimon
 - Yaksamon
 - Flybeemon
 - Gargomon

• Event (Open):
1$ reinforced eggs sales

ReptileDramon Icon.png Guilmon Icon.png

Digiclone [S] 50% discount
Miracle ring ticket has been added in the cash shop (NPC also will be added)
Digi-egg evolution stats up! Event Extension period : until 2014/12/23 (2 weeks more)

• Fixes:
Limited Rare Mystery Digiegg string has been revised
ShuriMon string has been revised (ShuriMon -> Shurimon)
Goatmon Skill 1 Damage error issue has been fixed

• Compensation for the timer event has been provided
  Players(account) who logged on to the game during 2014/11/26 00 JST ~ 16:10 JST 
  will receive the following compensation
    2x Thanksgiving Turkey
    2x Fireworks Random box
    2x Backup Disk
    1x piece of Hatch backup disk
    1x Event coin