December 22nd, 2015 Update

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C 2015 banner 1.jpg

  • [Event Period : Dec 22 ~ Jan 26, 2016]

Evolve into Blitzmon

If tamers obtain Blitzmon, 'Obtain Blitzmon!' achievement is completed and tamers get ‘Spirit of lightning! Blitzmon’ title.

  • Achievement buff effect: Lightning attribute skill damage increased 5%

Drop cap and exp cap for quests removed

  • Overlapped amount of item is increased to 500 (excluding some items like items which have time limitation, equipment...)
  • Account storage slots are increased
  • Dats center is decorated to celebrate Christmas
  • Ginryumon Riding mode is able to be opened with a “Riderwing” or “ModeSelector”

Lucemon: Satan mode, Death-X-Dorugreymon Raid Event!

C 2015 banner 2.jpg

Lucemon: Satan mode & Death-X-Dorugreymon have appeared in the Digital World!

  • raids appear randomly
  • [Santa’s Gift Box] is provided to tamers based on dealt damage
  • even tamers who deal only 1 damage point are able to get the reward

Reward Details

  • Damage Ranking 1st : [Santa’s Gift Box] x3
  • All tamers : [Santa’s Gift Box] x1

C 2015 R1.png

C 2015 R2.png

Retrieve Santa’s Gifts which have fallen from Rudolph's sled!

Tamers are able to get “Rudolph Box” while defeating enemy Digimon during event period. The “Rudolph Box” consist of event items which can be exchanged for various items through Frigimon.

Rudolph Box

C 2015 R3.png

  • Rudolph Box is tradable
  • Red-Nosed Reindeer, Horn, Snell, White fur and Brown fur of Rudolph are not tradable
  • All materials will be removed after event is finished

C 2015 R4.png

  • NPC to exchange items is Frigimon in Dats center
  • Exchanged item through NPC is not tradable

Masters Match Event!

Tamers on each server can participate in this event with separated teams. The task is to collect as many [Retrieved Santa’s Gift Box] as possible to win. The duration of event is 4 weeks.

How to participate in this Event

  1. Request a joining for Masters Match Event through Bancho Leomon in Dats center
  2. When joining is done, a team among ‘Black alpha team’ & ‘White omega team’ is selected randomly
    • After the team is selected, emblem for each team appears above tamer name
    • Selected team is not changeable
  3. From now on, tamers must gather & insert [Retrieved Santa’s Gift Box] item to Bancho Leomon.
  4. team which gathers more [Retrieved Santa’s Gift Box] becomes winning team and every team member will receive a reward according to their ranking

How to get [Retrieved Santa’s Gift Box]

  • Lucemon: Satan mode, Death-X-Dorugreymon Raid
  • Exchange with Frigimon

C 2015 R5.png

Masters Match Achievement

Following achievements are provided according to amount of [Retrieved Santa’s Gift Box].

C 2015 R6.png

Some Christmas sales which we are not going to advertise

New, existing and returning tamer events

Attendance and connection reward event

C 2015 T1.png

C 2015 T2.png

  • All of event item are not tradable.
  • Tamers can get Digiegg Level 3 when [Mystery Mercenary DigiEgg – Alpha, Beta] is scanned.
  • Tamers can get Digiegg randomly among Level 3, 4, 5 when [Random reinforced mercenary DigiEgg – Alpha, Beta] is scanned.
  • NPC for Coin exchange is Chuchidarumon in Dats center.
  • Tamers can exchange only once among No. 6 or No. 7 and No. 8 or No. 9 (Happy New Year Coin x20, x25 section)
  • Happy New Year Coins will be deleted when the event ends.

Welcome to Digital World!

Create new tamer and level the tamer up to get reward for each 10 levels!

C 2015 T3.png

  • Welcome to Digital World! Event rewars are not tradable.
  • Every 10 levels, reward is provided in Gift inventory.
  • Event rewards are provided only 1 tamer for each account.
  • This event is working also for existing tamers in any accounts regardless of the tamers are created during event period or not.
  • Tamers who already exceed above listed level can’t get rewards (Ex: 60, 61, 62, 63…..)

Event for New Tamers

Tamers who create new tamer will receive Newbie Box during event period.

C 2015 T4.png

  • All of event items are bounded as soon as received.
  • Event rewards are provided to only 1 tamer for each account.

Welcome Back Tamers Event!

Existing tamers who didn’t connect to Digimon Masters Online during Dec 1 ~ Dec 22, 2016 before our maintenance will receive Welcome Back Box.

C 2105 T5.png

  • All items from Welcome Back Tamers Event are not tradable.
  • Present is provided only once for each account.

EXP Burning Event

  • Weekday : 200% Additional EXP
  • Weekend(Sat, Sun) : 300% Additional EXP
  • Christmas(Dec 24 ~ Dec 27) : 500% Additional EXP
  • End of year, Start of year(Dec 31, 2015 ~ Jan 3, 2016) : 500% Additional EXP

Twelve Heavenly Generals Achievement on January