December 18, 2012 Patch

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Merry Christmas, Dec. 18th 2012

General Info

Merry Christmas should have been the Christmas patch introduced on December 18th, 2012 (see However, due to technical difficulties, another patch was issued on December 20th, 2012, introducing the Everybody Shout Merry Christmas~! update anyway.

It removed the Happy Thanksgiving update, and introduced new NPCs, new Digimon, new quests, new items and new events.

Newly Added

Mercenary Digimon

ReptileDramon Icon.png ReptileDramon
Grademon Icon.png Grademon
Alphamon Icon.png Alphamon


Santa Coin.png Santa Coin Santa Coin that can be exchanged for items.
Candy Cane.png Christmas Cane Candy Each day after 30 minutes of being logged in.
Christmas Gift Box.png Christmas Gift Box

Cash items

DigiAura.png DigiAura Tamer equipment that retains the Digimon's evolution.
Hatch Backup.png Hatch Backup Prevents penalties in case of a failed hatching attempt (only up to level 4).
Santa Costume.png Santa Costume [AP] Christmas 2012 limited edition, 30 days, 56 silk. Attack +300.
Santa Costume.png Santa Costume [EXP] Christmas 2012 limited edition, 30 days, 56 silk. EXP. +100%.


Ikkakumon Icon.png DATS Center Ikkakumon (NPC)

Quests and Events

Christmas With Alphamon

Event1. All users who purchase an Alphamon will receive 1 coin.
Event2. Those with Lv. and size ranking 1 to 10 from each server will receive a Kamemon Reinforced Mercenary DigiEgg.

Overflowing EXP Event

EXP acquired during the event period will increase 100% on weekdays, 200% on weekends, and 30% for movement speed.

Santa Will Come The Minute You Log In To Digimon Masters!?!

Login each day for 3 hours and receive items at 30 minutes, 1 hour, 2 hours and 3 hours! After being logged in for 30 minutes you get a Candy Cane (100% EXP increase for 30 minutes). After being logged in for 1 hour you get a Santa Coin. After being logged in for 2 hours you get a EXP Booster 200%. After being logged in for 3 hours get a Piece of Evoluter (5 pieces for 1 Evoluter).

Catch The Antylamon (Deva) Who Stole The Christmas Gifts At Digital World!

If you catch an Antylamon (Deva) a Christmas gift box will be dropped at random, and if you use it, you can get a random reward items.

Special Christmas Moments With Digimon Masters!

Upload a screenshot with the Digimon Masters Christmas background on the event page! Great screenshots will be selected for gifts! Digimon Archive Expansion for 20 players on each server.

Limited Sale Of Santa Costumes!

Santa costumes better than the existing costumes are sold as a limited edition during the event period.

Patch Notes

Hello. This is Digimon Masters.

In order to maintain a pleasant gaming and smooth patching experience, all servers will be undergoing weekly server inspection.

Weekly server inspection takes place every Tuesday.

Inspection Period: December 18, 2012. 13:00~ Until Further Notice

We are sorry for the delay of opening the servers, we will try to open the servers as soon as possible.

[Game Update]

• Everybody Shout! Merry Christmas~! Event will begin (Dec 18, 2012 ~ Jan 8, 2013)

Christmas with Alphamon
Overflowing EXP Event
Santa will come the moment you log in to Digimon Masters!
Catch the antylamon (DEVA) who stole the Christmas gifts at digital world!
Special Christmas moments with Digimon Masters
Limited sale of Santa Costumes

• November Achievement Event will end and December Achievement Event will begin

• Happy Thanks Giving Day! Event will end

Black Friday Super Sale!
Thanks Giving day!
Strike! Double!! Turkey!?!
Rabbit Hunt!
EXP Special Event continues!
What do we need? SPEED!!!
The Victory Road
Meet the All-New Omnimon!

• Contents will be added

New Dorumon[RaptorDramon] Mercenary DigiEgg will be added in the cash shop
New 2 Cash items will be added (Hatching Backup Disk, Digi Aura)
Christmas Concept will be applied in the Dats Center
The degree of difficulty in Maze map (F1 to F3) will be downgraded (Drop rate of items will increase / Amount of Quest item will decrease)

• Consignment and Personal Shop bug upon using a name with (') will be fixed

• JoymaxDay 1,000% booster item will be deleted

[Web Update]

• Christmas theme landing page