Debuff System

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Debuff System

Debuff is the exact opposite of Buff. While Buff is a beneficial effect applied to you digimon or tamer, Debuff is a harmful effect that is applied to your digimon or tamer. Currently, the debuffs are not very common in-game, as they are being added with the New Holy Beasts' Dungeons. Some Debuffs were in-game already, but in a low number.

The list of current debuffs in-game is down below:

Dark Tower Debuff.png Dark Tower Debuff

1st degree burn.png 1st-Degree Burn Debuff

2nd degree burn.png 2nd-Degree Burn Debuff

3rd degree burn.png 3rd-Degree Burn Debuff

4th degree burn.png 4th-Degree Burn Debuff

Silence Debuff.png Silence Debuff

Return Debuff.png Return Debuff

Degeneration Debuff.png Degeneration Debuff

X-Program Debuff.png X-Program

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