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D.A.T.S. - Digital Accident Tactics Squad

An agency founded to deal with strange activities from the Digital World.

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Wild Digimon



Bokomon Search Icon.png Bokomon (NPC) <Spirit Evolution>
Richard Sampson Icon.png Richard Sampson <DATS Leader>
Director Hashima Icon.png Director Hashima <Community manager>
Kevin Krier Icon.png Kevin Krier <Doctor>
Megumi Icon.png Megumi <DATS Member>
Megumi Shirakawa Icon.png Megumi Shirakawa <Digicore Merchant>
Frigimon Icon.png Frigimon <Event>
MudFrigimon Icon.png MudFrigimon <Event>
Kamemon (NPC) Icon.png Kamemon (Digicore Merchant) <Digicore merchant>
Vending Machine Icon.png Vending Machine <Beverage>
PawnChessmon B Icon.png PawnChessmon B <Retrieval and Scanning>
PawnChessmon W Icon.png PawnChessmon W <Warehouse>
DigimonArchive Icon.png DigimonArchive <DATS>
Incubator Icon.png Incubator <Hatch Digimon>
OmnimonNPC Icon.png Omnimon (NPC) <Royal Knights>
CalumonNPC Icon.png Calumon (NPC) <Jogress>
AngewomonNPC Icon.png Angelwomon (NPC) <Attribute Store Merchant>
V-monNPC Icon.png V-mon (NPC) <Digi-egg exchange>
KingChessmonNPC Icon.png KingChessmon (NPC) <Accessory>
Reward Exchange Icon.png Reward Exchange <Event & Exchange>

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