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Village Of BeginningsWestern VillageSnowstorm VillageDATS CenterFour Holy Beasts AreaD-Terminal.png
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D-TerminalD-Terminal World Map.png
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A large-scale dimensional terminal connected to the Digital World Only official Dats Agents can enter.

Wild Digimon



Megumi Icon.png Megumi <Dats Member>
Starmon of Passion.png Starmon of Passion <Western Town - Train Available>
Elecmon (NPC) Icon.png Elecmon (NPC) <Village Of Beginnings - Train Available>
Miki Icon.png Miki <Snow Village - Train Available>
Kevin Krier Icon.png Kevin Krier <Doctor>
Guilmon Search Icon.png Guilmon (NPC) <Dungeon Guide>
Renamon Search Icon.png Renamon (NPC) <Dungeon Exchange>
Lopmon Search Icon.png Lopmon (NPC) <Four holy beast dungeon>