Chicken Combo

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Chicken Combo.png Chicken Combo

KindRecovery Item
ClassNormal Item
TargetApply to All
Digimon Limitation Lv{{{digilimitation}}}
Limited UseUsable at all times

Cool Down10 Second

HP 1600 Increase
DS 1200 Increase

HP & DS restoring food

Chicken Combo is an item that restores your hp & ds.


• Get this item from Monster Card Lv5.png Monster Card Lv5 or Monster Card Lv6.png Monster Card Lv6.
• Get this item from Monochromon(Sharp Horn), (Heavy Tail) or (Heavy Paw) or Monochromon(Raid) in File Island Waterfront.
• Get this item from Leomon (Raid) in Lost Historic Site.
• Get this item from Ogremon (Raid) or Leomon (Raid) in Silent Forest.
• Get this item from Chimairamon (Raid) (Normal or Hero Mode).
• Get this item from a Holy artifacts.jpg Holy Artifacts defeating Centarumon(Raid) or Leomon (Raid) in Ancient Ruins of Secret.
• Get this item defeating raid Ogremon (Crack of Devimon) or Devimon (Crack of Devimon) in Crack of Devimon (Instance Dungeon).
• Get this item defeating any raid in Infinite Mountain Dungeon.
• Get this item from a Datamon Treasure Box (Normal).png Datamon treasure box(Normal).
• Get from item defeating Etemon (Raid) in Server Continent Desert or Nanomon Maze (Instance Dungeon) (Normal Mode).