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Marcus Damon riding Garurumon

Riding Mode allows players to ride certain digimons, and move faster than normal. Riding a Rookie, Champion or Ultimate digimon evolution makes traveling faster than regular walking, but riding a Armor, Mega, Side Mega, Burst Mode or Jogress digimon evolution speeds it up even more and allows passing through Leader/Chief/Boss Digimon without being attacked.

Some digimons have their own special Riding Mode item, which are slightly faster than the item Riderwing or ModeSelector provides for other Digimon.

The following digimons are able to be ridden:

Unlocked with Riderwing.png Riderwing or ModeSelector.png Mode Selector

Digimon Form Unlocked with
Drimogemon Icon.png Drimogemon Rookie Riderwing × 1 or ModeSelector × 1
Dobermon Icon.png Dobermon Champion Riderwing × 1 or ModeSelector × 1
Garurumon Icon.png Garurumon Champion Riderwing × 1 or ModeSelector × 1
Grizzlymon Icon.png Grizzlymon Champion Riderwing × 1 or ModeSelector × 1
GinRyuumon Icon.png GinRyuumon Champion Riderwing × 1 or ModeSelector × 1
GinRyumon (X-Antibody System) Icon.png GinRyumon (X-Antibody System) Champion X ModeSelector × 3
Ikkakumon Icon.png Ikkakumon Champion Riderwing × 1 or ModeSelector × 1
KnightChessmon (Black) Icon.png KnightChessmon (Black) Champion Riderwing × 1 or ModeSelector × 1
KnightChessmon (White) Icon.png KnightChessmon (White) Champion Riderwing × 1 or ModeSelector × 1
Kyuubimon Icon.png Kyuubimon Champion Riderwing × 1 or ModeSelector × 1
Sangloupmon Icon.png Sangloupmon Champion Riderwing × 1 or ModeSelector × 1
Sangloupmon (X-Antibody System) Icon.png Sangloupmon (X-Antibody System) Champion X ModeSelector × 3
Seadramon Icon.png Seadramon Champion Riderwing × 1 or ModeSelector × 1
Raremon (Champion) Icon.png Raremon (Champion) Champion ModeSelector × 1
Sparrowmon Icon.png Sparrowmon Rookie Riderwing × 1 or ModeSelector × 1
MailBirdramon Icon.png MailBirdramon Champion Riderwing × 1 or ModeSelector × 1
DexDoruGreymon Icon.png DexDoruGreymon Ultimate Riderwing × 1 or ModeSelector × 1
DexDoruGreymon (X-Antibody System) Icon.png DexDoruGreymon (X-Antibody System) Ultimate X ModeSelector × 3
DoruGreymon Icon.png DoruGreymon Ultimate Riderwing × 1 or ModeSelector × 1
DoruGreymon (X-Antibody System) Icon.png DoruGreymon (X-Antibody System) Ultimate X ModeSelector × 3
Raidramon Icon.png Raidramon Capsule ModeSelector × 3
Pegasusmon Icon.png Pegasusmon Capsule ModeSelector × 3
Nefertimon Icon.png Nefertimon Capsule ModeSelector × 3
Halsemon Icon.png Halsemon Capsule ModeSelector × 3
DinoTigermon Icon.png DinoTigermon Mega ModeSelector × 2
DinoTigermon (X-Antibody System) Icon.png DinoTigermon (X-Antibody System) Mega X ModeSelector × 5
Gryphonmon Icon.png Gryphonmon Mega ModeSelector × 2
ImperialDramon (Dragon Mode) Icon.png ImperialDramon (Dragon Mode) Mega ModeSelector × 2
MagnaDramon Icon.png MagnaDramon Mega ModeSelector × 2
MetalGarurumon Icon.png MetalGarurumon Mega ModeSelector × 2
Phoenixmon Icon.png Phoenixmon Mega ModeSelector × 2
SaberLeomon Icon.png SaberLeomon Mega ModeSelector × 2
OuRyuumon Icon.png OuRyuumon Mega ModeSelector × 2
OuRyumon (X-Antibody System) Icon.png OuRyumon (X-Antibody System) Mega X ModeSelector × 5
BlackMetalGarurumon Icon.png BlackMetalGarurumon Mega ModeSelector × 2
Sparrowmon (Mega) Icon.png Sparrowmon (Mega) Mega ModeSelector × 3
MailBirdramon (Mega) Icon.png MailBirdramon (Mega) Mega ModeSelector × 3
Cherubimon Icon.png Cherubimon Mega ModeSelector × 5
Kentaurosmon Icon.png Kentaurosmon Mega ModeSelector × 5
Parasimon Icon.png Parasimon Mega ModeSelector × 5
Arkadimon (Mega) Icon.png Arkadimon (Mega) Mega ModeSelector × 5
Zanbamon Icon.png Zanbamon Mega ModeSelector × 5
GranDracmon Icon.png GranDracmon Mega ModeSelector × 5
GranDracmon (X-Antibody System) Icon.png GranDracmon (X-Antibody System) Mega X ModeSelector × 8
Leviamon Icon.png Leviamon Mega ModeSelector × 5
SkullMammothmon Icon.png SkullMammothmon Mega ModeSelector × 5
Gulfmon Icon.png Gulfmon Mega ModeSelector × 5
UlforceVeedramon Icon.png UlforceVeedramon Mega ModeSelector × 5
Dynasmon Icon.png Dynasmon Mega ModeSelector × 5
Crusadermon Icon.png Crusadermon Mega ModeSelector × 5
WarGreymon Icon.png WarGreymon Mega ModeSelector × 5
BlitzGreymon Icon.png BlitzGreymon Mega ModeSelector × 5
CresGarurumon Icon.png CresGarurumon Mega ModeSelector × 5
Raremon (Mega) Icon.png Raremon (Mega) Mega ModeSelector × 5
Neptunemon Icon.png Neptunemon Mega ModeSelector × 5
HerculesKabuterimon Icon.png HerculesKabuterimon Mega ModeSelector × 5
Vikemon Icon.png Vikemon Mega ModeSelector × 5
VictoryGreymon Icon.png VictoryGreymon Side Mega ModeSelector × 5
BanchouLeomon Icon.png BanchouLeomon Side Mega ModeSelector × 5
GigaSeadramon Icon.png GigaSeadramon Burst Mode ModeSelector × 5
Valdurmon Icon.png Valdurmon Burst Mode ModeSelector × 5
Armageddemon Icon.png Armageddemon Burst Mode ModeSelector × 5
BlackMegaGargomon Icon.png BlackMegaGargomon Burst Mode ModeSelector × 5
Imperialdramon (Dragon Mode)(Jogress) Icon.png Imperialdramon (Dragon Mode)(Jogress) Jogress ModeSelector × 5
Imperialdramon (Paladin Mode)(Jogress) Icon.png Imperialdramon (Paladin Mode)(Jogress) Jogress ModeSelector × 7
MetalGreymon (C) Icon.png MetalGreymon (C) Jogress ModeSelector × 5

Unlocked with One Special Item

Digimon Form Unlocked with
Beelzemon Icon.png Beelzemon Mega Behemoth.png Behemoth
Gallantmon Icon.png Gallantmon Mega Grani.png Grani
Zhuqiaomon (Mega) Icon.png Zhuqiaomon (Mega) Mega Zhuqiaomon Saddle.png Will of Flames
Ebonwumon (Mega) Icon.png Xuanwumon (Mega) Mega Ebonwumon Saddle.png Xuanwumon Saddle
Baihumon (Mega) Icon.png Baihumon (Mega) Mega Baihumon Saddle.png Baihumon Saddle
Azulongmon (Mega) Icon.png Azulongmon (Mega) Mega Azulongmon Saddle.png Qinglongmon Saddle
MetalGarurumon X Icon.png MetalGarurumon X Mega X Gear-X-Storm.png Gear-X-Storm
WarGreymon X Icon.png WarGreymon X Mega X Brave Viernier.png Brave Viernier
Magnamon X Icon.png Magnamon X Mega X Miracle of Magnum X.png Miracle of Magnum X
Duftmon X Icon.png Duftmon X Mega X Tactician's Guideline.png Tactician's Guideline
Dynasmon X Icon.png Dynasmon X Mega X Wyvern's Wing.png Wyvern's Wing
Gallantmon X Icon.png Gallantmon X Mega X Gram.png Gram
UlforceVeedramon X Icon.png UlforceVeedramon X Mega X Ulforce Seat.png Ulforce Seat
Sleipmon X Icon.png Sleipmon X Mega X Bucephalus of blood and iron.png Bucephalus of blood and iron
Beelzemon X Icon.png Beelzemon X Mega X El Evangelio.png El Evangelio
Gaioumon Icon.png Gaioumon Mega X Seat of Dragon Man.png Seat of Dragon Man
LordKnightmon X Icon.png LordKnightmon X Mega X Chivalry.png Chivalry
MedievalDukemon Icon.png MedievalDukemon Mega X Wind Vortex.png Wind Vortex
Minervamon X Icon.png Minervamon X Mega X Judgment of Olympia.png Judgment of Olympia
Chaosdramon Icon.png Chaosdramon Burst Mode Chaotic Sheet.png Chaotic Seat
Imperialdramon (Paladin Mode) Icon.png Imperialdramon (Paladin Mode) Burst Mode Whiteblade.png White blade
Dexmon Icon.png Dexmon Burst Mode Death-X Seat.png Death-X Seat
MaloMyotismon Icon.png MaloMyotismon Burst Mode Sodom.png Sodom
Fujinmon Icon.png Fujinmon Burst Mode Cyclone.png Cyclone
Belphemon (Rage Mode) Icon.png Belphemon (Rage Mode) Burst Mode Hellfire Tooth.png Lampranthus
AncientTroiamon Icon.png AncientTroiamon Burst Mode Tree of Antiquity.png Tree of Antiquity
ShadowSeraphimon Icon.png ShadowSeraphimon Burst Mode Black Data Wing.png Black Data Wing
Ornismon Icon.png Ornismon Burst Mode Ornismon Ride.png Wings of the Seabird
TyrantKabuterimon Icon.png TyrantKabuterimon Burst Mode TyrantKabuterimon Ride.png Tyrant King
Megidramon Icon.png Megidramon Burst Mode Megido Seat.png Megido Seat
Gankoomon Icon.png Gankoomon Burst Mode Hinukamui.png Hinukamui
Jesmon Icon.png Jesmon Burst Mode Blade of Justice.png Blade of Justice
Ophanimon Falldown Mode Icon.png Ophanimon Falldown Mode Burst Mode Wings of Maddness.png Wings of Maddness
Raguelmon Icon.png Raguelmon Burst Mode Fallen wings.png Fallen wings
Lucemon (Satan Mode) Icon.png Lucemon (Satan Mode) Burst Mode Wings of the Devil.png Wings of the Devil
Plesiomon Icon.png Plesiomon Burst Mode Embrace of Marine Dragon.png Embrace of Marine Dragon
Aegisdramon Icon.png Aegisdramon Burst Mode Aegis.png Aegis
Dexmon (X-Antibody System) Icon.png Dexmon X Burst Mode X Procces - R.png Proccess: R
Jesmon X Icon.png Jesmon X Burst Mode X Holy Blade of Honorable Ruler.png Holy Blade of Honorable Ruler
Craniamon X Icon.png Craniamon X Burst Mode X Will of the Knight.png Will of the Knight
Megidramon X Icon.png Megidramon X Burst Mode X Evil dragon's saddle.png Evil dragon's saddle
Chaosdramon X Icon.png Chaosdramon X Burst Mode X Chaotic Seat Ver. X.png Chaotic Seat Ver. X
Lilithmon X Icon.png Lilithmon X Burst Mode X Embrace of Lust.png Embrace of Lust
Barbamon X Icon.png Barbamon X Burst Mode X Paradise of Greed.png Paradise of Greed
Demon X Icon.png Demon X Burst Mode X Upsurge of Rage.png Upsurge of Rage
Lucemon (Satan Mode) (Shin) Icon.png Lucemon (Satan Mode) (Shin) Burst Mode Crown of Seven Deadly Sins.png Crown of Seven Deadly Sins
Gallantmon (Shin) Icon.png Gallantmon (Shin) Burst Mode ZERO-ARMS GRANI.png ZERO-ARMS GRANI
Fanglongmon Icon.png Fanglongmon Jogress Footstep of Gold Dragon.png Footstep of Gold Dragon
Fanglongmon (Shin) Icon.png Fanglongmon (Shin) Jogress Emperor's visit.png Emperor's visit
Examon Icon.png Examon Jogress Examon RI.png Proof of Dragon Emperor
Omnimon Icon.png Omegamon Jogress Omnimon Ride.png Will of Light
Omegamon Zwart Icon.png Omegamon Zwart Jogress Will of Darkness.png Will of Darkness
Alphamon Ouryuken Icon.png Alphamon Ouryuken Jogress Alphamon Ouryuken Ride.png Code in Alpha
Millenniummon Icon.png Millenniummon Jogress Millenniummon Ride.jpg Dimension Gear
Omegamon Alter-S Icon.png Omegamon Alter-S Jogress Will of Subspecies.png Will of Subspecies
Valkyrimon Icon.png Valkyrimon Jogress Freyja's Blessing.png Freyja's Blessing
Omegamon Alter-B Icon.png Omegamon Alter-B Jogress Dark Will of Subspecies.png Dark Will of Subspecies
Omegamon Zwart D Icon.png Omegamon Zwart D Jogress Deteriorated Dark Will.png Deteriorated Dark Will
ZeedMillenniummon Icon.png ZeedMillenniummon Jogress Cracks on Time-Space.png Cracks on Time-Space
Mastemon Icon.png Mastemon Jogress The Grace of Angel.png The Grace of Angel
Boltboutamon Icon.png Boltboutamon Jogress The touch of the Wicked.png The touch of the Wicked
Chaosmon Icon.png Chaosmon Jogress Darkdra Arm.png Darkdra Arm
Rafflesimon Icon.png Rafflesimon Jogress Rafflesia.png Rafflesia
RustTyranomon Icon.png RustTyrannomon Jogress RustTyranomon RI.png Rust Seat
Ordinemon Icon.png Ordinemon Jogress Wings of Darkness.png Wings of Darkness
Shoutmon X5 Icon.png Shoutmon X5 Jogress Throne.png Throne
Susanoomon Icon.png Susanoomon Jogress Susanoomon Ride.jpg Susanoo Craft
Susanoomon (Shin) Icon.png Susanoomon (Shin) Jogress Overseer of Destruction and Regeneration.png Overseer of Destruction and Regeneration
Alphamon Ouryuken (X-Antibody System) Icon.png Alphamon Ouryuken X Jogress X Empty Seat.png Empty Seat
Omegamon X Icon.png Omegamon X Jogress X Will for Justice.png Will for Justice
AlphamonOuryukenAwaken icon.png Alphamon Ouryuken (Awaken) Jogress X Wings of Justice.png Wings of Justice
Examon X Icon.png Examon X Jogress X Caledfwlch.png Caledfwlch
Shoutmon DX Icon.png Shoutmon DX Jogress DX Double Blade.png DX Double Blade
ZekeGreymon Icon.png ZekeGreymon Jogress Complete Victory.png Complete Victory
Magnamon Icon.png Magnamon Capsule Miracle of Magnum.png Miracle of Magnum
Armageddemon Icon.png Armageddemon (Conflation) Variant Armageddemon (Mixture) Ride.png Path to Devastator
Apocalymon (Psychic) Icon.png Apocalymon (Psychic) Variant Apocalymon Psychic Ride.png Call of Doom
Ogudomon Icon.png Ogudomon Variant The Saddle of incarnate.png The Saddle of incarnate
KaiserGreymon Icon.png KaiserGreymon Z-Hybrid Generosity of the Emperor.png Generosity of the Emperor
MagnaGarurumon Icon.png MagnaGarurumon Z-Hybrid Luminous Flux.png Luminous Flux


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