Bokomon (NPC)

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Bokomon NPC
Hello? I am Bokomon. Do you want to understand the Digital World? With my book, you can learn everything about the Digital World.

Bokomon is an NPC located in DATS Center which unlocks Spirit Digimon for you and trades them for Spirit of Shining items.

  • In order to unlock Spirit Digimon, 1 Bokomons Book of Knowledge Icon.png Bokomon's Book of Knowledge (45 Crown / 450 Aeria Points) and 1 Spirit of <Elemental Attribute> <H/B> (psilk, silk or drop) are required.
    • Summon cards for your desired Digimon drop from enemies with their respective Elemental Attribute. (For example, Agnimon summon card drops from all Fire type Digimons). These summon cards drop their respective Spirit of <Elemental Attribute> <H/B> item. (Agnimon summon card would drop Spirit of Fire H).


Bokomons Book of Knowledge Icon.png + Spirit of Fire H.png = Agnimon Icon.png

Bokomons Book of Knowledge Icon.png + Spirit of Fire B.png = BurningGreymon Icon.png

Agnimon Icon.png -----> Spirit of Shining Fire H.png -----> KaizerGreymon Icon.png -----> Susanoomon Icon.png

Lobomon Icon.png -----> Spirit of Shining Light H.png -----> MagnaGarurumon Icon.png -----> Susanoomon Icon.png

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