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Form: Ultimate

Data: strong against Vaccine - weak against Virus Data

Elemental Attribute: Wood: is strong against Land (× 25) - weak against Wind (× -25) - somewhat strong against Wood (× 10) Wood
Attacker Type: Short Attacker
Type: Vegetation Digimon
Family: Wind Guardians Icon.png Wind Guardians
Digivolved from: Kiwimon
Digivolves to: Gryphonmon
Unlocked with: Evoluter Evoluter × 3
Location: Digimon Farm
Lost Historic Site
Can be ridden No
Can be hatched No
Available: Yes

Blossomon is a Vegetation Digimon whose name is derived from the flower blossom, and whose design is derived from the fictional Biollante. It has the appearance of a giant flower, with countless vines as its roots growing from its body. Despite its strange appearance it is very docile, and due to its personality it rarely appears before others. For a plant it has an unusually long life span, and although the petals around its body (or face, really) fall out whenever the seasons change, it has the special ability to grow back new petals. It hates arid regions, and always grows in areas near water.


Kiwimon Icon.pngLv. 25 Sinduramon Icon.png
Lv. 25Blossomon Icon.pngLv. 41Gryphonmon Icon.png

Default Stats

Exclamation Mark.png Note: Approximate statistics with 129% size and level 99

HP Health Points 1852
DS Digi-Soul 878
AT Attack 199
AS Attack Speed 1
CT Critical Hit 14.32%
HT Hit Rate 0%
DE Defense 41
EV Avoid 21%


Thorn Whip Wood Wood attribute 3.3 seconds cooldown 24 DS consumed Learned at Lv. 25
  Swings a thorn to spread pollen around.
Spiral Flower Wood Wood attribute 8 seconds cooldown 79 DS consumed Learned at Lv. 31
Throws leaves along your arm at the opponent.

Attack Atk Lv. 1 Atk Lv. 2 Atk Lv. 3 Atk Lv. 4 Atk Lv. 5 Atk Lv. 6 Atk Lv. 7 Atk Lv. 8 Atk Lv. 9 Atk Lv. 10
Thorn Whip.png Thorn Whip 386 405 424 443 462 481 500 519 538 557
Spiral Flower.png Spiral Flower 1300 1328 1356 1384 1412 1440 1468 1496 1524 1552