August 26, 2014 Patch

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• Capsule Digi-egg evolution digimons have been released (8/26 ~ 9/11, 2weeks)

Do not miss the 2 weeks chance to buy Digi-egg evolution package!


• Just Stay Connected to Receive Loads of Gifts! (8/26 ~ 9/23)

During the event, you will get items if you play the game for a specific time.

[Rewards Item ]


[Items exchangeable for coin]



  • All the event items are not tradable.
  • Go to Lighdramonin DatsCenter to get items with Digi-egg Digimoncoins.
  • Random boss cards are used to summon various boss monsters.
  • Tamers can hatch Magnamon with 100% success rate upon using Digi-egg of Miracle.

• Enjoy the summer of Digital World with new tamers!(8/26 ~ 9/23)

Level Up Gift Boxes are prepared in DatsCenter for the new users visiting Digital World. [Item gained when Level Up Gift Box is used]



  • Level-up gift box will be given to My Mail Box when you reach a certain level.
  • Relevant event item cannot be traded or exchanged.
  • Players can receive a gift box once per account.
  • New player who joined before August 26 can get the gift box after reaching the target level.

• Digi-egg evolution stats up! (8/26 ~ 9/23)

All the Digi-egg Evolution Digimons' stats increase drastically.



  • All Digi-egg Evolution' stats increase like above during the event.
  • After the event ends, all the stats will be restored to the default setting.
  • Fladramon, Nefertimon, Pegasmon, Holsmon, Magnamon'spower increase by 50% during the event.
  • Lighdramon, Submarimon, Toucamon's power increase by 100% during the event.

• Guard the Dark Tower! (8/26 ~ 9/23)

Hunt enemy digimons at Dark Tower Wastland area where Digi-egg Evolved digimons can remain evolved to keep Digital World safe! Mystery Box may drop while hunting enemy digimons, random reward items can be obtained if it is used. [Obtainable Item from Mystery Box scanning]



  • Items except monster cards/healing items obtained via random box are untradeable.
  • Collect Hatch Backup Disk Fragment x 6 and go to MudFrigimonin DatsCenter to obtain Hatch Backup Disk x 1.
  • By Miracle Random Box scanning, you can obtain one from [A], [B], [C], and [D]. (Scanning cost is 1M)

• EXP event with Digi-egg Digimons (8/26 ~ 9/23)

During the event, movement Speed increases by 30%. Also 200% EXP gain for weekdays and 300% EXP gain for weekend.

• September Achievement event (8/26 ~ 9/23)

Game Update

•Events that have ended:
  August event has ended.
  50% Discount event has ended.
  Savers' avatar sales has ended.
•New Capsule digieggs have been added
•Food item cool time bug issue has been fixed (Food bug)
•In-game digimon ‘Tocanmon’ name will be revised to ‘Toucamon’ on September 11, 2014